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Playing Married

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My best friend and I were both thirteen, but I was almost fourteen and he almost a year younger.

I know now that he is 'Bi', however back then, all I knew was that he was quite 'sexual', and had always been very curious about me. When we were just kids, he would want us to go somewhere private and 'play married'. That meant me laying on the ground or the floor, and him laying on top and rubbing himself against me, through our clothes.

He liked it because we'd both get 'boners', and that it 'felt good' to push his against mine.

We hadn't done it for quite some time before that day at age thirteen. We had found some of his Dad's Playboy Magazines, and snuck them away to the small workshop, at the back of his property.

There, locked in, we sat on the floor and slowly examined each naked beauty. My friend told me he was geting a boner, as he adjusted himself, and suggested that we could 'play married'; that we hadn't done it in a long time.

I silently agreed, and assumed my position; laying flat on my back. Before getting on top, however, my friend said 'Let's unzip our pants and rub against each other through our undies, Ok?'

'Ok', and we unzipped and pushed our pants to our thighs. I could see the little bulge in my friends briefs and he could see the big one in mine. He proceeded to press himself against me, grinding up and down against my erection, giggling with excitement and repeating that mine was 'Bigger' than his.

It did feel amazing! And, although I had months ago discovered that my body could do something it had never done before, the sensation of feeling my friend's erect penis pressing hard against mine (even if through our undies), exceeded the pleasure I had experienced bringing myself to orgasm.

It felt so good in fact, that I knew if we continued, that I would do just that! And, on top of the incredible sensation and need to cum, was now the thought of actually ejaculating as the result of what we were doing; the thought of him making me cum by rubbing against me excited me beyond anything I had ever experienced!

In my hightened state of arousal, I wanted not only to let him bring me to orgasm, but to do it naked! I wanted to see his and for him to see mine; my whispered suggestion to take down our undies was met with gleeful acceptance!

My friend sat back on his knees and pulled down his pants. It was exciting all the more to look at each others naked dick, and he was even more amazed at how 'big' I was.

His small but pink and perfectly shaped little dick was sticking straight out; we were both circumsized. I began to stroke myself as he looked on; he again pressed our now bare erections together and resumed rubbing.

OMG! The sensation was indescribable; I knew I was getting close to cumming and I knew that he had no idea what was about to happen! The thught of just letting it happen without saying a thing made it all the more sensual!

As I felt myself going past the point of no return, both my hands were clutching his butt cheeks; keeping his penis hard against mine and assisting in keeping us aligned.

I heard myself say 'Don't stop', as I felt the semen rush up my shaft! I could not restrain my body from heaving nor contain the loud grunt as it suddenly became warm, wet and gooey between us!

I had some explaining to do; the sharing of the 'facts of life'. He just sat back on my thighs, staring down at the milky mess that had wetted us both.

I asked him if he wanted to make his do it, which, following my instruction he tried to do. He masturbated in front of me for about five minutes; he said it felt good but nothing came out. We eventually pulled our clothes back up and left the shop.

After that, he wanted to 'play married' almost every day, humping me until I'd cum. But, strangely, after he told me he had begun to ejaculate, we never did it again.



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