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Playing in the Nighttime Rain

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I'm not really sure how old I was at the time, but I think that I was around 14 or 15. I had gotten to the part of adolescence where I was horny all the time, but I didn't have a girlfriend, nor had I even been kissed yet.
It was a warm summer evening in the midwest. The sun had set, the family dinner had been eaten, and my parents had long since gone to bed. I had the house more or less to myself, since my parents were both early risers and sound sleepers.
I was by myself and bored, but I couldn't sleep. So I lay naked in my bed under a sheet, with my window open, smelling the breeze blowing in, feeling alive. Alive and horny. I slowly stroked my cock, not trying to rush to orgasm, but just enjoying the sensations, and building myself up to higher levels of arousal. This went on for most of an hour.
While I was doing this, a mild storm front blew into town, with gusty winds followed by sheets of gentle rain. I could smell the rain and the clean air through my window, and I suddenly had an urge to experience it directly, by going outside.
My family lived on a quiet tree-lined street, and it was well past midnight, so I figured I could get away with it.
I snuck out of the house, naked, stepped off the porch and into the front yard. Cool rain pattered down on me, wetting me and chilling me, but I didn't really care. Partly it was the exciting novelty of running out into the front yard naked, but partly it was because I was too excited to care.
My cock was half erect, bobbing in front of me as I walked through the wet grass, and I felt a certain transgressive thrill from it all. The leaves of the trees were rustling in the light breezes that stirred them, and there was a constant pattering of raindrops falling on the leaves, on the grass, and on me.
But since I was exposed to the street, I ran over to a tree and hoisted myself up into the branches, climbing up until I was shielded by foliage. The bark was rough under the soles of my feet and on my palms.
As I climbed upward from branch to branch, I paused to stroke my cock, enjoying the way it throbbed. I still didn't rush to orgasm, but I'd stroke myself enough to keep myself hot. Then I'd climb a little further. The faint street light came flickering through the leaves lighting up my naked body.
At top of the tree, I first peered through the leaves at the night sky filled with dark clouds, and at the other dimly lit tree tops, swaying in the wind. Then I sat down on two branches that emerged on either side of the trunk, straddling the tree trunk.
I couldn't touch myself very well like that, so I slowly let myself lean backwards, carefully keeping my legs around the tree branches. It was scary and exciting. When I was completely inverted, hanging upside-down by my bent legs like a gymnast, I reached up and started jerking off again. The rain was running down my body, my hair was soaked and hanging down, and I could feel my pulse pounding in my head, but I was feeling nothing but the erotic heat inside me. I stroked my cock, harder and faster, making it throb and pulse, until finally my balls drew tight to my body, I gasped in ecstasy, arched, and my cock spurted hot licks of semen down my chest and onto my face.
I felt great, and utterly alive, totally satiated. So I snuck quietly back inside, dried myself off, and went back to bed...



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