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Playing in public

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True story!


Let me say I know I am not the only one on here that has this story, but it is mine and I haven't read through all the stories, but I have read a lot of them.

I learned to play with myself when I was 13 years old; as I got older I got better at it and learned more ways. When I was 20 years old I knew what my pussy could do for me, but what could it do for others...say people I do not know.

So I set out to find out how people reacted to seeing a woman's pussy in public, I was a single mother of one and worked all day to provide for my son, so I would leave him with a sitter and really didn't want to bring anyone home, or start a relationship so I entered a phase of my life where I would go out to clubs or public places and expose and play with myself.

I have so many stories; I may post more, but wanted to post this one.

I knew this night that I wanted to orgasm and I dressed well for it, I wore a mini skirt and a tight fitting blouse to accent my large breasts I made my way out of town about 25 miles to a small restaurant I had been to before. I picked it because I knew the booths were particularly easy to see under.

I got there an asked for a booth and they sat me down and immediately I saw a wealth of men all of them with friends or another woman, they all saw me come in because my skirt was short and my boobs were large and that is what I needed was to be noticed, this would be the first time I would do something like this and I new I had to grab the attention to complete my goal.

My skirt was so short I think every man turned just to see how I was going to get into the booth with out showing my underpants, well I planned and did give them a show. I wore bright blue underwear that night and I slowly got into the booth so to show everyone the color of them and Wow you should have seen the eyes and Wow you should have felt the wetness in between my legs, It did what I wanted. I ordered a drink and then got up to use the restroom and again all eyes were looking and I just exaggerated and looked innocent.

When I went to the restroom, I took my underwear off to get attention they had to see the bright blue and then nothing and now that I had their attention, the rest was easy. I went back to my seat and this time I could feel the wetness down my thighs, I moved into the booth exposing my very bushy brown pussy....the look on their faces was priceless, jaws dropping, men trying to focus on their girlfriends, but wanted to see between my legs and I was dripping wet, so I made some slight noise with my silverware and then reached my hand between my legs so every guy saw.

I slowly started playing with my wet clit and rubbing it for about a minute and a 1/2 I rubbed it and then leaned back and orgasmed right there with my fingers in my pussy it was so awesome watching as men wanted to look at me there were two guys that just gawked the whole time it was so nice.

But what happened next I did not expect as my food was brought the table a lady came up to my table and said 'I saw what you were doing.' I did not know what to say and could not tell if she was mad or what so I just waited for her next statement, she paused and said, ' you have turned my husband and me on and we were wondering if after dinner we could watch again.

She said they had a conversion van outside and we did not have to go anywhere, just do it in the van where her husband could watch again and jack off. I agreed and after dinner we all left to the van, we got inside and there were captain's chairs in the back and front of this van. I sat in the back, he sat up front, and she sat next to me in the back.

He immediately pulled out his dick and it was hard. What floored me was the size. It had to be 9 inches easy! I started by leaning back and rubbing through my bush. I closed my eyes touched my clit and next thing I knew I felt a finger in my pussy. I opened my eyes and it was his wife playing with me. She moved my hands and was starting to rub my clit between her fingers. I look over and he is in full motion now. Up and down watching his wife play with me, her hands felt great and I let out a 'yelp' and came all over her fingers.

About that time I hear...'It's going to cum' and his wife turns around, grabs his cock, and starts pulling on it. She looks at me as says 'come here,' I quickly got out of the chair. I had to feel this monster, I grabbed it with both hands and it exploded as cum came out and hits both of us in the face and chin.

His wife wiped the cum up with her finger and put her hand down her pants, looked at us and said 'do you mind, it is my turn.' She got up on the chair and almost tore her panties off getting at her pussy. She started playing and rubbing and her husband and I looked at each other and started rubbing her breasts and pussy for her....

That was a great night, no strings attached and a giant cock.....there was a bed in the van that was converted and you can guess the rest.



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