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Playing in Friend's Dorm

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It was our freshman year in college, and my friend Natalie invited me to visit her and stay the night in her dorm. We are best friends and just generally did best friend stuff, watching movies and hanging out. When it got time for bed, we both put our pj's on. We usually slept in the same bed and sometimes cuddled with each other. Tonight the conversation turned towards sex. Natalie is not ugly by any means, and has some of the plumpest, most juicy 34B titties (as I would soon verify), but she had never gone past second base with any guys she dated.

So imagine my surprise as we start making out and I've already got her bra off, with those big beautiful breasts in my face. I sucked her thick, beautiful nipples and they got incredibly hard. Then I work her pyjama bottoms off and her pussy is now only separated from me by a thin layer of cotton. She must not have shaved for a few days as she had tiny pubic hairs, but they did not detract any from her tight, petite little pussy.

I pulled her panties to one side, revealing her pussy. I had actually tried to eat her out but she stopped me (she is weird about oral), so I stuck with my fingers and just put my mouth on her delicious nipples. I brought her off to a pretty big orgasm and she was super tense. I wouldn't let up either so she just kept coming for almost a minute.

Once I had gotten her off, she tried to jerk me off, but was not any good at it. I helped her out and let her finish me off when I was close to coming. After that we talked for awhile, but I was so incredibly horny that I finally got to play with this little slut, I had to try again. I was tracing my hand up her leg and when I got close, I noticed her legs part a little. This time I was more gentle and just started on the outside of her panties. I rubbed her clit but mostly focused on pushing into her pussy so I could get her panties soaked.

I had her pussy gushing as I got her panties filled with her juices. She was softly moaning and writhing as I played with her, reaching a finger in to ever so slightly stimulate her g spot. Everything was slow this time and I teased her for a good twenty minutes, just enjoying being able to play with my best friend's pussy.

With her ass on top of my leg so that her pussy was elevated, and her back on the bed, it was very easy once I got going. Her slit was so tight around my finger I was worried about putting two in at once. I finally did and that started to send her over the edge as I massaged her clit and g spot at the same time. She came so hard her leg was shaking.

We went to sleep after that. Later during the night, I woke up incredibly horny after what I had just done and just jerked off with her right there. She didn't get up or seem to notice and I just went back to sleep. In the morning, though, she had to go out to a meeting for a little while and I would be left alone in her dorm, with her roommate out of town. She was running a bit late and I saw her leave the same cotton panties I had soaked as she got dressed and left.

Here I was, alone in her dorm. Her roommate is not bad-looking at all, just a bit skinny. I went through both of their drawers, carefully not moving anything too far. I looked through their hampers (her roommate didn't really have much to look through as I think she took stuff home to wash), finding used panties and bras. What I was desperately interested in was pantyhose, and neither had a pair that I could steal. So I decided I would cross-dress today and put my friend's red lace bra on with this halter-top shirt, a denim skirt of hers to cover up the used panties of hers I was wearing, and her roommate's shoes oddly enough just fit me, but quite tightly, so I put her high heels on.

I laid in her bed and, while smelling her used panties, began to stroke myself off. It felt so good and so erotic to have her stuff on. I was just very disappointed I didn't get any stockings or pantyhose. I quickly came, shooting my load into a dirty ankle sock I found in her hamper. I actually squeezed a little cum out into her friend's high heels and put them back like that. I loaded up all the panties/bras that I had decided to steal and when my friend came back we went out to lunch and that was that.



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