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Playing House

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When I was younger, I had a best friend called Jade, she lived right next door and was the same age as me. We spent every waking moment together that we could.

Our favourite game to play was house. We'd get out our dolls and we'd play mummy and daddy, switching which was which. Me and my younger sister used to share a room and so there was two single beds. We would put the dolls to bed in one and then the other was our bed whenever it was supposed to be 'night time'. We'd done this loads of times so the time I am going to talk about now seemed no different in the beginning.

We got into our own bed and snuggled in together as usual, and lay there still for a few moments with our eyes closed. Then Jade told me that this wasn't what grown ups did in bed. I asked what she meant and she said that she had seen her daddy on her mummy and they were like 'moving up and down'. I recognised what she was saying, I didn't at the time exactly know what it was all about but I do remember that I had accidentally seen part of a film not so long before this day where the man and woman had been doing what it sounded like she was trying to describe. She said because it was my turn to be the daddy I had to lie on her so I did, then I started sort of humping her, trying to immitate what I had seen on the TV. I remember the sudden feeling that I felt 'down below' and thinking to myself, 'so this must be why they do it'. We did that for a few seconds and then it was morning again and it carried on from there.

From then on whenever we were playing house that was part of it, and I remember whenever Jade wasn't there I would get out my 'walking doll' which was about the same size as me, and pretend that she was the mummy instead.

I loved the feeling that I got from it but it made me feel dirty. I thought I shouldn't be doing it and so I only did it for short times when I thought that I wouldn't be caught.

A few months on and we were still doing it, but now we had both taken to pulling down our knickers so that they were around our knees whilst we did it, it made me feel even more dirty but at the same time I didn't want to stop.

One day we were under the covers, humping away, me on top once again when my mum walked in on us. I felt so humiliated, she sent me to bed and sent Jade home and we never did it again, but I still got my doll out whenever I could and at night I would use the neck of hot water bottles to hump or my teddies or my pillow or anything else I could find. I couldn't stop once I'd started and I still do it now, I'll hump anything I can get hold of. I can never have an orgasm through anything other than clitoral stimulation so humping works best for me or rubbing away, I love reading Solo Touch and rubbing myself till I just can't hold it in any longer.

This story has got me really horny, I can feel that I'm wet and my nipples could cut glass, I'm going to have to read others and hump my pillow now! Happy masturbating!



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