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Playing Doctor With Cousin Laurie

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At 33 years old I still have vivid memories of my first experience of 'playing doctor'. My mother was friends with another woman from the neighborhood and she had a daughter one year younger than me. When I was 7 they were visiting for the day and we spent the entire afternoon out in the playhouse in my backyard. Sarah and I ended up 'examining' each other all over using a doctor's kit I had gotten a few Christmas' before, and it is my earliest memory of having an erection and seeing a girl's private parts. I was fascinated.
I was able to have a more intense experience almost 6 years later, when I was 13, and I was spending the day with my cousin Laurie. She was 9 or so and my mom and aunt went out for the day shopping. I was old enough to be able to stay home alone, and they asked me to watch Laurie so they could go out on their own. I was fine with it since I really didn't have much to do (my two best friends were away at camp that week) and Laurie was pretty cool.
We hung out watching TV for an hour or so when Laurie told me she was bored. It was kinda cloudy and rainy out, so we were pretty much confined to the house (there were no Playstation or computers back then...). So we played cards for a little while (Crazy 8s, I think) and then she wanted to know what toys I had. I was a bit beyond the toy stage at that point, but took her downstairs and showed her the closest where all my old stuff was stored. We sifted through the matchbox cars and army guys, and she didn't see anything that interested her until she found my old 'doctor's kit'. She asked if I wanted to play doctor.
Not thinking anything of it at first, I said sure. Like I said, we were bored and it was raining. As we walked up the stairs, though, my perverted little 13 yr old mind (I had been jerking off regularly for about 6 months at that point) began to kick into gear. Maybe I would be able to get Laurie to take off her clothes and she could examine ME naked. Now that would be fun!
She plopped down on the couch but I told her we should probably use my bedroom since my bed could be the 'examination table'. She scooped up the bag and ran down the hall with me following. When I caught up to her in my room she was sitting on my bed. Laurie was really a cute little kid, and I could see she would be very pretty in just a couple of years. She had shoulder length brownish-blonde hair and green eyes, and lots and lots of dimples. She liked to laugh and giggle and was a very happy kid. On this particular day she was wearing a red tshirt and blue shorts that I noticed were pretty tight. She was slim and, like a lot of girls her age, had a cute little 'bubble ass'. I wasn't sure if she wore a bra yet, but I had noticed that her chest wasn't entirely flat - there was the very, very beginning of breasts forming.
I told her that since it was my kit that I should get to be the doctor first. She pouted at first and protested for a few seconds and then said OK, it doesn't matter. So I told her to leave the room and knock, and that when she came in I would be Dr. John and she would be my patient. She left and after a short pause knocked on the door. I invited her in.
'Hello, Miss Laurie. How are you today?'
She giggled and told me she was sick and that she needed a checkup. I told her to step over to the corner of the room so I could weigh her (on a pretend scale) and made pretend notes on a chart. Then I instructed her to sit on the 'examination table'. I asked her what didn't feel good, and she told me she had a stomachache, and that she had a cough.
'Well then, let me check things out,' I told her. 'I'm going to listen to your heartbeat first.'
I took the plastic stethoscope out of the play doctor's bag and had to work hard to get it to stay in my ears. I then asked her to lift up her shirt, which was met with more giggles. She hesitated, and blushed, but finally pulled her tshirt up below her chin. I was slightly disappointed to see she WAS wearing a bra, a training bra, but it still got me going. I had never seen ANY girl, any age, at that point in my life in their underwear except for Sarah when I played doctor in the playhouse years before.
I placed the stethoscope on her left breast, just above the cup of her bra. I felt her tense momentarily (as did I) and I let it linger for several seconds before moving it around to other exposed parts of her chest. By the time I moved around to her back I was completely hard. I asked her to breath deep and then exhale (like a real doctor...). I then told her I had to have her take her shirt off entirely and lie down so I could check her stomach. She did without complaint and lay down. I placed one hand over the other and pressed down on different parts of her abdomen and asked her if it hurt. I then deliberately pressed around the waistband of her shorts and told her I had to pull them down. More giggling.
I pulled them down slightly in the front and in response she lifted her hips off the bed to help. They were only down about 3 inches but I was able to see her panties now. They were pink, and the waistband was lace. After a few more presses by me (and more giggles from her) I told her that based on what I had seen so far I needed to do a 'complete physical'. She wanted to know what that meant and I told her she needed to remove all her clothes so I could check her all over. I thought she would immediately protest and that would be the end of that, but she simply said 'OK' and pulled her shorts down the rest of the way. She sat up on the bed and unsnapped her bra and shucked it from her shoulders. Her breasts were no more than slight bumps, but I was surprised that a girl her age would have such large nipples; they were pink and puffy and I stared at them until she started to remove her panties. She hooked her thumbs in the side and as she began to peel them down kicked her legs straight up in the air. In one deft move she had them off and was lying on her back - completely nude. I zeroed in on her vagina and saw it in all its hairless glory (nothing more than a slit but completely enrapturing to me). I was hard as a rock.
I told her I needed to check her breasts to make sure they were 'OK' and proceeded to feel her up. I lingered on her nipples, fascinated by the change in context from the soft delicate swells of her pre-teen breasts. She was giggling but was amazingly relaxed and not embarrassed in the least. I worked down to her belly and then told her to turn over, as I had to examine her 'butt'. She rolled over and I began feeling and kneading her ass, and discovered that from behind I could see her slit. I never realized (not having seen a naked girl ever in this position) that her privates were exposed from behind. I let my hand wander down and I touched her there; she jumped and turned her head back towards me, smiling and giggling. She told me that it tickled and if I touched her there too much she would have to pee.
I said, 'That's funny you should say that. The last thing you have to do before you get dressed Miss Laurie is pee in a cup for me.'
She began laughing very hard now, and I told her I would be right back. I went to the kitchen, found a paper cup, and came back and told her to follow me into the bathroom. I then had her stand in the tub and told her I had to watch her pee to make sure everything worked OK. She squat down, and I was on my knees outside the tub, my chin almost touching the edge. My face was less than a foot from her vagina, and she started to go. And she REALLY had to go. She filled up the cup, and quite a bit of urine got on her hand, and even after the cup was filled she giggled that she still had to pee. I told her she could finish in the tub, it would be easier, but it would help me ('Dr. John') if she lay on her back and pulled her legs apart. She thought that was gross but I convinced her to do it, and was totally aroused watching her pee in this position. Of course at that point she had urine all over her, so I told her to shower and I brought her clothes back into the bathroom while she cleaned up. When she came out, I was in the bedroom and she said it was my turn. I couldn't wait!
I knocked on the door, like she had, and she invited me in. She followed my 'routine' almost to a 'T', and by the time I was on the bed in my underpants, my erection was VERY visible to her. She tentatively reached down and touched it through my underwear, and then told me I had to take them off for her to examine me all over. I whipped them off in a flash and my hard penis was right there for her to see. I took the initiative and told her that sometimes when it gets big like that it hurts, but when I rub it it feels good and sometimes white stuff comes out of the end. She asked me what I meant, and I told her I could show her. So I began to masturbate right in front of her! I was so completely aroused from everything that had transpired in the past 30 minutes or so that it did not take me long to ejaculate. I don't think she really understood the sexuality of what was occurring, but I had a VERY powerful orgasm. I coated my belly and hand with semen, and she was asking me why I peed on myself. I explained it wasn't pee that boys sometimes shoot semen out of their penises and she would learn about it when she was older. I asked her to get me a towel and she did. While I cleaned up I told her that playing doctor was only for kids and parents couldn't find out (I was extremely paranoid after I came that someone would find out and I would get in big trouble). Laurie was very cool about it all and never told anyone. The rest of the day we spent riding bikes (in the rain) and even went up town to see a movie.



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