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Playing Doctor With Cousin

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When we were about seven, my cousin and I used to play together a lot. One day he came over with a new toy, a doctor's play set. He asked if I would be the patient, so I said yes, and he told me to lie down on my bed. I'd recently been to see someone in hospital and said I should really be wearing my dressing gown. He agreed, so I went into my parents' room and got changed.

I came back in and lay down again with nothing on but my dressing gown. My cousin came over and asked where it hurt. I said my tummy, so he starting poking and asked exactly where it hurt. While prodding my stomach, his hand slipped and moved between my thighs.

I'd never had someone touch me there before and even though he quickly moved away, I couldn't help thinking it felt really nice. I told my cousin my tummy didn't hurt anymore but was feeling a bit funny between my legs. He said he had to examine me to see what the problem was.

He undid my dressing gown exposing me completely. Of course, I had no breasts to speak of, but it was exhilirating lying there completely exposed. He moved my legs apart and started to touch the top of my bald mound asking if that's where the feeling was. I replied sort of, but it was really lower down.

He said he needed a better look and so I bent my legs and spread my thighs as wide apart as possible. My cousin got onto the bed to get a better look and then lay down with his face inches away from my snatch. He starting touching me with his fingers running up and down my slit. I told him that was where the funny feeling came from.

He started exploring further. We were both only children, and he said he'd never seen a real vagina before. I knew he knew what one was because I had a children's book about 'the difference between boys and girls.' He was really probing me and had his fingers inside me pushing in and out. I remember it felt really good, and I said that was where the funny feeling came from.

With the fingers of one hand moving inside my pussy, his other hand was free to explore. He moved up until he found my hood; he pushed it back and starting rubbing my clit. The shock and feelings of pleasure made me jerk; he pulled away, thinking he'd hurt me.

I told him not to stop, and he started rubbing and thrusting his fingers again but harder. All of a sudden a weird feeling came over me, and I started shaking. Of course, I found out much later this was an orgasm.

He stopped, and I lay still panting for a few minutes until he said it was my turn to be the doctor. I said OK and got up while he stripped off and lay naked on my bed. I asked him what the problem was, and he said his penis was too hard. I said I wasn't really sure what to do, but I started touching it and rolling it in my hands.

Of course his cock was still really small, but I loved the feel of it hard and warm in my hands. I asked him if I was making it feel better, and he said yes but I should rub it a bit harder. I was fascinated by it and stroked it harder and harder. He started moaning and I asked if he was alright. He said yes, but not to stop. I kept stroking and rubbing his cock while fondling his balls until he had a dry cum.

It was my first experience of mutual masturbation and one I will never forget. We never repeated the experience but have used the memory as inspration many times.



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