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Playing Doctor With Charlotte

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'The girl nextdoor' turns out to be an excellent patient and doctor


My youngest uncle was the Saturday pharmacist in a nearby drugstore. From a young age I helped him, unpacking the shipments and stocking the shelves. When the bar down the street opened at 11, he would go out for a few drinks, and I always knew where to find him if a customer came in with a prescription to be filled.

While he was gone I always collected something new for my 'doctor's office.' I figured I was going to be a doctor someday, so I had begun studying medical textbooks and reading health articles when I was about 10 (around the time I started masturbating and having dry cums). By the time I was 12,I had a stethoscope, tongue depressors, one of those lights that the doctor uses to look into your ears and throat, lots of first aid items, several white lab coats, blue examination gowns, rubber gloves, several thermometers, a tube of K-Y Jelly, an ear syringe, various bottles and glassware, and a supply of finger cots, and condoms which were way too big for me at age 12. One thing I didn't own was a speculum, the device the doctor inserts into the vagina to spread it open for examining. Those were always ordered in 'special' for the doctors and I couldn't just take one.

The same uncle had given me a microscope on my 10th birthday, and I had a little laboratory and workshop set up in one of the four rooms in the basement of the house where I lived with my parents and my two younger brothers. At 12, I spent a lot of time in my lab, jerking off three or four times a day.

I also spent a lot of time with Charlotte who lived next door to us. We walked to and from school together and usually did our homework together although we were not in the same class every year.

When we were 9, we played doctor, 'examining' each other all over using a toy doctor's kit I had gotten the Christmas before, and it is my earliest memory of seeing a naked girl. After that she was always asking me questions about sex.

One day when we were 12 we were down in my 'lab.' She found my old toy doctor's kit. She asked if I wanted to play doctor again. I immediately thought, 'Naked!' and said, 'Okay!'

By now I had all the right equipment,and we were both more knowledgeable of the social niceties. She plopped down on my chair. She was beautiful,with dark brown shoulder-length hair and green eyes with a twinkle. She had a tiny mole just above the line of her upper lip. She often winked as she talked. She had a deep laugh and was always happy.

I told her that since it was my office I would be doctor first. She agreed. We both had the same family doctor in our town, so we both had the same script. I was Dr. Bob. She left the room, closed the door, then knocked. I said, 'Come in!' She opened the door and entered, closing the door behind her. I said, 'Good afternoon, Charlotte. How are you?' She laughed then said she had come for her annual checkup. I asked her to come into the bathroom and step on the scale. I wrote her weight on my clipboard. Then I marked her height on the doorframe where my dad put our height every birthday. I asked her to sit on my 'examining table' which was my worktable made of a white door on two sawhorses. 'I'm going to listen to your heartbeat first.' This time I had a real stethoscope, not the plastic toy of three years previous. I put it in my ears,then asked her to lift up her shirt. She blushed, then pulled her t-shirt up to her chin. She was wearing a bra. I placed the stethoscope on her left breast, just above her bra. My own pulse was pounding so loudly in my ears I couldn't even hear her heart. I waited for a few seconds before I moved it to other exposed parts of her chest. By the time I moved around to her back, I was hard. I asked her to breathe deep and then exhale. Then I told her I had to have her take her shirt and bra off.

Her tits were really no more than bumps, but the size of her nipples in proportion to her breasts surprised me; they were quite large and puffy, quite red, almost maroon, and the ends were hard cones. She stiffened when I first touched her, but then relaxed and exhaled as I gently felt her breasts and then her nipples.

I put wax paper on the table, then asked her to take off her shorts and lie back on the paper for me to exam her belly. She complied, revealing her pink underpants. I placed one hand over the other and pressed down on different parts of her abdomen and asked her if it hurt, just as our own doctor did. Then I pulled her panties down 2' to begin checking her belly. Next I asked her to remove her underpants. She hesitated, then bent her knees, pushed her pants down with both hands, and pulled them off, letting them drop to the floor. She lay back and closed her eyes.

She had thick black curly pubic hair, more than I had. I was hard as a rock, ready to cum any second. I decided to go for it.I put some K-Y on my fingers and touched her vulva. She winced, then relaxed as I probed her slit with one finger. She began to moan. Then she pressed her hand on mine, making me rub faster,her hand controlling my motion. Suddenly she gasped, her legs went rigid, and her breathing paused. Then she let out a long sigh and released my hand. I asked her if she was okay. She said, 'Yes!' and smiled, then opened her eyes. She slowly got up, and she got dressed.

Then she dreamily said it was my turn. I knocked on the door, and she invited me in. She followed my examination of her almost exactly. When I was sitting on the table in my underpants, my erection was poking out the fly. She hesitantly touched it and then told me I had to take my underwear off for her to examine me. I got off the table and dropped them to the floor. My hard dick was out in the open. I sat on the table,then lay down with a pillow under my head. I started to rub it,telling her it hurt but rubbing it eased the pain. She reached over and touched it, squeezing a bit then relaxing, then squeezing again. She asked me to lie on my front on the wax paper and then raise my bum in the air. She felt my penis and balls and then I asked her to stroke my cock to 'relieve the pain.' After about 30 seconds I shot some cum on the wax paper. She felt it between her fingers and looked at it quizzically. I put some on a slide and placed it under the microscope, switching on the light and adjusting the focus. I asked her to look at 'the start of life.' She thought it was amazing, all those 'tadpoles.'

Afterwards we were sitting on the couch and talking about it, and she said it had made her stomach feel funny. Just then I noticed drops of blood on the couch, and when I told her she clutched a tissue to her bottom and disappeared to the bathroom with her purse. When she returned she was wearing a pad held on by one of those white elastic belts with the clips that held each end of the sanitary pad. That was my introduction to girls and their periods.



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