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Playing Doctor

Posted by: Age: 17 then, 39 now Posted on: 4 comments
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When I was 17 my parents went away and I had to stay at my parents best friends house. Lisa was their daughter and we were the same age. One day school was canceled because of a flood in the basement and we stayed home. I went into Lisa room and climbed into bed with her. We fell asleep and after an hour I woke up spooning her and my hard on pressed into her ass. I started to move and Lisa said she liked the felling. I told her I liked it to. Lisa asked if I ever saw a girl naked. I said no just a bikini. I asked her the same and she told me yes once. I asked her where. She told me last summer at the beach house when you were in the shower. I walked in and saw you naked. I got red and asked if I was hard. She said no but wished I was. Lisa turned towards me and asked if I wanted to play doctor. I said okay. We both got up and Lisa asked why I was so hard. I told her It could be morning wood or cuddling you. I was patient first and Lisa stripped me naked and checked my eyes, ears, neck, arms, legs and then my dick and balls. She spent a lot of time on the last two. She had me lay on the bed and rubbed my dick and balls. She started to rub me up and down and asked if this was okay. I was panting and telling her yes. With her other hand she squeezed my ball and I told her I was close. In a minute I squirted in her hand. I told her thank you a few times.

After I cleaned up it was my turn. I was still naked and told Lisa to strip. She did and I told her how nice her breasts were. I felt them and kissed them and sucked on them. I went to her pussy and said she had a little hair and then felt her pussy. Lisa jumped and told me if felt good. In minutes I was rubbing her pussy and Lisa was moaning and telling me where to put my fingers. When I rubbed her clit she jumped and spasm and moaned really loud. She looked like she passed out and told me she just had an orgasm. We stayed naked on her bed then heard her moms car in the driveway. I ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I jumped in and when I came out Lisa's mom was telling her I shouldn't walk around naked when I was in the house.

Once we graduated we were on different coasts, We never were off at the same time and both found people. I married out of college and we never had kids and divorced years later. I moved back into town and saw Lisa parents and asked how she was. They told me she was moving back after her divorce. I asked them to have her give me a call. About a week later I get a message about playing doctor at my earliest. I called Lisa and we talked and decided to get together for dinner.

At dinner Lisa looked very good looking. We both lost some weight from our divorce and hers made her look good. We talked and walked around and ended up at her place. She invited me in and once we sat down we were all over each other. We made out like 17 year old's. We kissed and felt each other. Soon we were naked in her bedroom. We then took everything slow. I loved looking at her curves, breasts with hard nipples, her full bush of pubic hair. Lisa was shy about that. I told her I loved every part of her. I had her turn around and saw the perfect ass. Lisa said she loved my chest and small belly and love handles, my ass, my hard cock and big hairy ball.

Lisa told me she was going first and gave me an amazing blow job that curled my toes. She licked my dick up and down and sucked my balls. She then wet her finger and when I was close slowly put it up my ass and I squirted my cum into her mouth. I told her how amazing that was. It was my turn and I kissed her entire body and then went for the pussy. I kissed her pussy and then slowly licked her from bottom to top. She went purr and then I licked her lips and pussy and spent a while licking her. Then I found her clit and licked and sucked it. When her orgasm hit she pulled my face away and I sucked her more and then she told me to stop or I would get a shower. We laid next to each other with her hard nipples erect and my dick standing tall.

I never left her house for a few days. We just slept, had sex, ate, had sex, watched tv and had sex. When I went back to work everyone told me how happy I looked. I sold my condo and moved in with Lisa. It was like we were 17 again. We loved being with each other. When we went to our 20th reunion we saw a lot of friends. Everyone knew about us and how we got back together. We had a great time and while laying in bed Lisa asked who looked the best tonight. I said me because I had the hottest wife in the place.



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