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Playing Doctor

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I was 13 in the summer of 1970, when my family and I moved into a new neighbourhood. Our backyard backed up to another house, separated only by a low fence. I quickly became friends with Piddy, the tomboyish girl who lived there, even though she was a year older. One hot afternoon with nothing especially going on, she suggested we play Doctor. She had just received a toy doctor's kit for her birthday, with the usual implements: stethoscope, tongue depressors, fake blood pressure cuff, etc. Piddy got her kit and we went into my dad's tool shed, a small building at the back of our backyard. She said she would examine me first. She had me undress with just my underware on, and climb up onto the workbench where she proceeded to listen to my heart, etc. Eventually I was told to lay back while she lifted my undies for the 'pelvic exam'. She poked and prodded and eventually pronounced me 'healthy'. It was all fairly clinical and I don't recall any sort of sexual response that first time.

Now it was her time as 'patient', and I was soon gazing at my first pair of female breasts. She was pretty flat chested, but had some VERY responsive nipples that quickly stood up as I moved the stethoscope across her chest. They must have been a good 3/4's of an inch. Next, I lifted up her panties and saw her downy covered pussy. She insisted on taking her panties all the way off, and lay there with her legs apart. I touched and parted her labia a little, in total awe of the major differences of our respective parts. Eventually I pronounced her also healthy, and she got dressed.

We went through this game that whole summer, playing it about every two weeks. By the third episode, I remember getting a hardon during my exam, and she was totally enthralled. I was only four inches or so, but I was the first boy she had seen this way, so she was pretty amazed. While she was holding me I remember telling her how wonderful it felt. Up to this year I had never masturbated, but had been aware of the good feelings that accompanied an erection.

One day in late August she showed up at my house with her little black bag, insisting we go out back to the tool shed immediately. By now, used to the procedure, I would already have an erection before even starting to undress, and this was again the case. She gave a rapid, perfunctory upper body exam before she told me to strip completely and lay back on the table. My cock was bobbing up and down in anticipation. Next, she reached into her little black bag, and brought out a bottle of vegetable oil. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she had learned this trick from her older brother (then 17 years old). She said she was going to make me feel much better, and proceeded to pour a little oil over my cock, squeezing and rubbing around the head. Well, I almost swooned over the incredibly intense feelings. She continued stroking me until I became so sensitive I made her stop. I never really 'came' except for just a few small drops of fluid from the tip, but it was amazing. She couldn't wait for me to begin her exam, and stripped off completely while I got dressed. She 'complained' of a stomach ache, and told me to rub some of the 'magic' oil on her tummy and below. She lay back on the table with her legs over the end, and I stood between them, rubbing the oil all around her abdomen. Before long her nipples were erect, her labia was turning a bright red and swelling open. I just continued to follow her directions while glancing between her pussy and her face. Soon she was almost panting and her face and chest had a bright rosy blush, as she finally came. Her 'tummy ache', she said, had vanished.

We continued playing doctor with each other well into that winter, until it finally got too cold to be naked in the tool shed. By spring her family had moved away and I never saw or heard from her again. But our mutual explorations remain a fond memory, and now, in middle age, serve as a source of sexual excitement. I hope she has as much pleasure from the memories as I have.



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