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Playing Doctor

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reading the contributions about early mastubation experiences made me remember how I accidentally discovered mastubation many years ago.
My sister and I used to play doctor on occasion when we were young. We were quite ignorant about sex, even though we played the game until I was about 13 and she was 10. At first the exciting part was taking our clothes off and taking turns checking each other's body. One day while playing, I suggested we use a pencil as a thermometer. I remember feeling quite excited at the thought of my sister inserting the pencil into my rear and I doing the same to her.
I put some vaseline on the eraser end and gently pushed the pencil into my sister's rear and remember her giggling and squirming. I just left it there and then pulled it out, pretending to read the temperature (but I remember that musky smell it had). Then my sister did the same to me and it was as if I had been hit by a jolt of electricity that left me full of tingles. Almost immediately, I got an erection, which got my sister's attention. But that was as far as it went.
Later that night, when in bed, I repeated the insertion in my bedroom. I found that if I moved the pencil in and out, the tingling sensation continued, and even grew stronger. But I still knew nothing about masturbating and it didn't occur to me to touch my penis. All the pleasure seemed to come from my rear end.
Later that week, my sister and I decided to play doctor once again. I think she enjoyed the new aspect of the game too. When it came time to take the temperature, I inserted the pencil into my sister and this time twirled and pushed it in and out. She clearly enjoyed it and I kept it up for a while, but I was impatient for her to do the same to me. So we reversed roles and I pulled down my pants. I was sort of straddling the corner of the bed when I instructed my sister to insert the pencil and to twirl and push it in and out of me.
As soon as she did, I remember shuddering and pushing down on the bed, my erect penis rubbing on the sheets. Keep doing it, I told her breathlessly, and my hips began moving back and forth in response to the sensation I felt building inside. I must have thrust my pelvis back and forth maybe 3 or 4 times, when suddenly I felt this uncontrollable sensation, as if I was going to pee. Instead my penis began throbbing and I had this warm, wet feeling as I ejaculated on the bed sheets.
I was hot, breathless and stunned by what had just happened. My sister thought I had peed on her bed, but I knew right away this was different. I had had one or two wet dreams during the year, and this was the same sticky, milky substance I would find in my pjs in the morning. We quickly ended the game and tried to clean up the bed sheets as best we could.
Later that day, I went back to my room and repeated what had happened in my sister's room. It took a bit longer and was more awkward, since I had to reach around and hold the pencil while trying to rub on the bed sheets. But again, I had a tremendous orgasm.
From that moment on, I was hooked on masturbation. Meanwhile, my sister and I played our doctor game a couple more times, but it soon ended. I think she sensed something else was going on besides playing doctor. I also started having fantasies about doing other things with her, which brought on a certain amount of guilt on my part, since she was several years younger than me. So the games with my sister ended but my new past-time was just beginning.



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