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Playing Dicks

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I was so happy the day I learned about masturbation. Gave myself a massive case of blue balls while writing this. Can't wait to blow this load.


On a family trip with my dad's brother, I got to see a cousin who I had not seen since I was about eight or nine. Our families had rented a cabin, and since we were the only boys, we were given a room to ourselves. I was 13 and he was 14 and about a foot taller than I was. The first night our parents were drinking and playing cards. Then my cousin got in a fight with his sister and the parents got mad and made us go to bed.

We had our shirts off and were in the bathroom brushing our teeth. Looking in the mirror I could see he had armpit hair. I had just become aware of boys having body hair. At school some of the boys in my class had small pubic bushes and longer penises. When I saw his armpit hair, I wondered how much he had on his bush.

His dad came up and made sure we were in bed and the light was off. it was really dark in there and we were sharing the room's one bed. We laid there for a while whispering and he started telling me about this girl in his eighth grade class who he got to make out with a couple times after school.

All of a sudden I could feel his hand touching the front of my underwear. I kind of jumped a little because it startled me and he whispered to not say anything, he was going to show me something cool. Then he put his hand back on my crotch and started rubbing where my small penis was. He asked me if I ever got boners in the morning and I told him yes. He said that was cool because it meant I was starting puberty. I had heard people talking about puberty, but didn't have a very clear idea of what was up.

By then I was completely stiff and he put his hand inside my briefs and started fiddling with my upright little dick. I told him it tickled and he said it felt like that when it was working. I asked if he had a boner too and he said yes, you want to feel it? He took my hand and guided it to his dick which I could feel was already sticking out the front of his boxers. The skin of his hard cock felt hot and it felt totally longer and fatter than my 13 year old wiener. He wrapped my fingers around his shaft and started moving my hand up and down. I was giving and getting my first handjob at the same time.

He said this is hard to do with the covers on, so we kicked off the blankets. We pulled off our underwear and laid there naked. There was a little light coming in the window and I could see his dick sticking up and how much bigger it was than mine. He reached over and started playing with my dick some more and put my hand back onto his and said let's keep doing it. I was pulling awkwardly on his dick but his fingers were jacking me pretty fast. I told him it was starting to tickle in my stomach and he said that was good. Pretty soon I had my first dry orgasm and shook all over. Brad asked me if it felt good and I said yeah.

Then he rolled on his back, said now I'm gonna do it, and started jacking his really fast. I just laid there and watched the silhouette of his hand on his bone. He started breathing faster and said here it comes. Then he moaned a little and said oh fuck and asked me to find his underwear. I found them and he used them to wipe his dick and stomach. There was a funny smell like bleach. I wasn't sure what had gone on because I couldn't really see. He told me that older boys made this milky white stuff that came out when they played with their dicks like we just did.

The next day we took a shower together and we played dicks again. His hard dick and big balls fascinated me. He had a nice bush of dark hair above his dick and even some dark hairs on his legs, which he pointed out to me. He checked my dick over looking for what he called peachfuzz and said he thought I might be getting a few hairs. Again my penis got really stiff when he played with it. I had another dry orgasm.

I got to see his sperm come out when he jacked off in there with me. That night in bed I jacked him all the way to cumming. Altogether he jacked me off like six times and I did him all the way a couple times. It wasn't until I was home from vacation that I really tried to jack myself off. I learned that it worked slightly better if I just used two fingers instead of my whole hand. Since it was summer I had plenty of alone time to play with myself and I did it at least two or three times every day. Also managed to teach one of my sixth grade friends how to do it on a sleepover about two weeks later.

We got to do it together pretty often because we were together almost every day and our moms both worked. My cousin came to visit once and we had a sleepout in my back yard. We got naked in our sleeping bags and ended up circle jerking. I remember how horny and naughty it felt to be naked inside my sleeping back with a boner. The flannel lining felt really good when I laid on my stomach and rubbed my dick up against it. I told the other two and we all did it together. Wonder what it looked like, three little white butts all humping their sleeping bags. We all flipped over on our backs with my cousin between us and he gave us both hand jobs at the same time. We both dry cummed pretty fast and then we took turns jacking his dick and playing with his nutsack. This was the first time my friend from school got to see cum shoot out.

I really love thinking about our sex then. It was completely uncomplicated and easy but the sensations in my body were so intense. My cousin was very positive about it so I never felt ashamed or guilty. He just told me that we had to keep it a secret from our parents. He also instructed me that sucking and fucking between boys was gay and we shouldn't do it. But he said jacking off was okay, even touching each other as long as we thought about girls while we did it.



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