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Playing Chicken

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If I only knew then what I know now!!


My story begins when I was around 11 years old. My friends and I were out riding bikes when one of my buddies says, 'Hey lets go check out this girl I know at the apartments.' We all agreed. When we got there my freind knocked on the door and she came out wearing a full body thermo suit. It was really tight on her and I could see her nice 15 yr old figure underneath. We all made small talk and somewhere during the conversations we asked if we could come inside her house. She said only one of you can come in and looked at each one of us, she then pointed her finger at me and said 'You'. I was excited! She took me into her living room and sat me on the couch and we talked a bit. After a while of chatting she asks me if I want to play a game called chicken. 'Sure' I say. So she moves closer to me and starts to pull up my shirt and puts her soft hand on my stomach. I have never had a girl touch me that way so I got a little jumpy, she says' You're not chicken already are you?' Trying not to show it I say 'Noway' She then starts to move her hand down and into the front of my pants and says, 'Chicken?' again I say 'nope' then she goes even farther down my pants and touches my penis. I jumped and said 'Ok OK I'm chicken!' I heard my friends laughing, they were all at the window peeking in at everything we were doing. Jennifer says let go to my room. So we head upstairs to her room and the whole time I remember being so hard I had to walk funny. After we get there she sits on the bed and says 'Its your turn now' I sit down next to her and start as she did with me. I had to unbutton her suit to expose her stomach and I can remember seeing her white cotton panties and getting real excited. I placed my hand on her stomach and said 'Chicken?' she laughs and says no. I slowly moved my hand down and touched her panties 'Chicken?' no she replies. I slid my fingers underneath her panties and felt her pussy hair 'Chicken?' again she says no. I then ran my hand over her pubic hair and griping her mound in my hand. With that she leaned her head back and says 'stick it in me.' I moved my hand down feeling her soft pussy lips and remember vividly how moist she was. Unsure of what to I just rubbed and squeezed her warm soft pussy. The whole time she was moaning and saying 'Stick your finger in me' Finally I said 'Show me what you want' with that she grabs my hand and helps me find the way to her insides. I will never forget the way she felt inside mmmm so slippery and she would squirm all over my hand and let out soft moans. This went on for about 5 mins when all of a sudden a loud thump hits her bedroom window. We both jumped up to see what it was. Turns out my friend that suggested we come over was getting inpatient so he found some dog shit and threw it at the window! Jennifer was pissed and said thanks but you have to go. I often masterbate thinking about what I should have done and how I could have not been such a chicken. It wasn't to long after that when I found out how to masterbate and come. Thanks Jennifer for your fun game of chicken!



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