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Playing Cards

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My best friend and I had masturbated each other once before but my friend felt kinda weird after doing it so we didn't do it after that, but we did jack off openly in front of each other not caring if the other person saw. I really did want to jack each other off again. It had a different feeling than doing it yourself and it was nice to be able to give my best friend that pleasure. I didn't push it though because I didn't want him to think that I was gay or something to that effect, but I did want to do it again.
One night we were in his room though late at night. We were bored so we were looking for something to do, and my friend picked up a deck of cards and started dealing hands of blackjack. I suggested that we play strip blackjack, and he agreed, but being a little more adventurous I suggested that the consequences for losing (being totally naked and losing the last hand) would be that the loser jacks off the winner. To my surprise he agreed and we proceeded to play. I started winning at first but it wasn't soon after that I was sitting there naked and ultimately lost. We sat awkwardly for a minute and I just said Ok collect your winnings. My friend slid his boxers down revealing his bulging dick. I told him that he could lay down and he did, and requested that I use the hand cream next to his bed. I had been thinking about how I like to jack myself and decided that I would do the same things to him in order to make it a very pleasureful experience for him. I put some hand cream on his penis and started stroking slowly, working my way up and down, but mostly concentrating on the head. I would go slow then fast, gripping the head of his penis tightly. He would tighten for a second and breath out abruptly. I knew this felt good. I continued to go fast and slow..holding back just when I thought he'd cum. I then slid my hand onto his balls and rubbed them for a short time. I again started rubbing the head fast and he squirmed in pleasure...as I slowed he started shooting his cum. I picked up the pace using the cum to lube his head and continue to stroke. When his dick stopped throbbing I stopped. He cleaned the cum off his chest and pubes and gave me a sock to clean.
Instead of wiping his cum off my hand I just started stroking my own cock using his cum as lube. It wasn't long before I was spewing white globs of cum everywhere. We cleaned up and hoped in bed. We talked for about an hour and got back on masturbation. We were asking details like what our records were for one day and stuff. Finally I asked him which he likes better. Jacking himself or getting jacked...he said probably having it done to me. After a little more talk, I said man I feel like doing it again...he immediately replied me too. He said he had to go to the bathroom and left...a few minutes later he came back with some more moisturizer and we started jacking ourselves....I looked up to his bed and said...need a hand? He got right out of bed, pulled down his boxers and sat facing me...I grabbed his cock again, but this time he grabbed mine too. We both laid back a little and started stroking each other at the same time...both rubbing each others balls occasionally and spreading each others precum over the head. It didn't take long when I felt warm stuff land on my hand (it was dark in the room) and then I shot my load as well.
I have to say that I did enjoy this experience, and would do it again, but through doing these things I am reaffirmed in my being heterosexual because I realize more and more that this is not something that brings me any particular sexual joy, but is just something different to do, and kind of a bonding thing experience with my best friend. It kinda proves that we can share anything with each other. Although comparatively speaking, i'd much rather do stuff with a girl. In any case...i do hope to have future experiences. I don't know if i'd suck or anything like that..if my friend made the first move and didn't feel awkward about it i'd probably be OK with it, but whatever...it's more of a bonding thing for me. And like I said..I am way more turned on by a girl doing this kinda of stuff.



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