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Playing Brothers

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Playing Brothers
I have written to your site several times, the last time I wrote about my brother and I jacking off together for the first time. It is kind of funny when you think every man has at some time has stroked his cock and got off but will never admit it. Well since then we have enjoyed each others cocks on a regular basis. We are both in our 30's married and enjoy sex with our wives and still jack off 4 or 5 times a week.
We got together a few days ago and had a session that lasted about 4 hours, we got naked and started massaging each others cocks slowly jacking up and down and playing with each others balls, and stroking and massing the lower stomach areas. I learned during this jack off session that my brother likes to stroke his cock really slow and bounce his balls in his cupped hand as he strokes away. He asked me to bounce his balls while he stroked and it was really interesting to see his face as I did it and the intensity that built up in his body. We decided that we would each take turns in getting the other off so he said he wanted to be first because he just had to unload or burst. We are totally into using the lubed up baggie to get of so we prepared a couple before we started and then got down to business. My brother lay back and I started to massage his thighs and lower stomach area (surprisingly we both love our stomachs being slowly massaged) and slowly started to stoke his cock. He likes a long slow semi tight stroke and loves to have the head of his cock played with when I stoke up to the head. I slowly stroked up and down his cock and every once in a while would bounce his balls around in my hand but pretty soon they were riding high on the side of his shaft. He was starting to leak a lot of pre cum that I used to lube up the head of his cock and this was causing him to pump his cock in and out of my hand. During this time he was stroking on my cock and feeling my balls but the main aim was to get him off first. I kept slowly jacking up and down on his cock that was throbbing and flexing in my hand, he said he was just about ready to cum so I had him stand up in front of me I got one of the lubed baggies and slid it over his cock. Once I had the baggie on his cock I told him to hold onto my shoulders and start screwing the baggie while I held it around his cock. I held the baggie on his cock and used my hands to apply pressure as his cock slid in and out of the baggie, he was pumping into the baggie and kept saying it felt like a tight pussy. Pretty soon his pumping sped up and he was pounding his cock in and out of the baggie I was holding then his body tensed up really stiff and he started to cum in the baggie. His cock was flexing and spewing out his load of cum, so I started to jack really fast on his cock to keep him shooting his cum. He kind of slumped against me panting away while I still had a hold of his cock that was only slightly starting to go limp.
We waited a while and then he started to work on me, I lay back on the floor and he started to stroke away on my cock which by now was also leaking a lot or pre cum and I knew I wouldn't last too long. He was slowly stroking my lower stomach as he slowly stroked up my cock to the head and then used the pre cum to stroke down my shaft when he got to my balls I asked him the get a hold of them a stretch them away from my body. I like the feeling when I get hold of my balls and force then away from my cock when they are tightening up so he stretched them out from the base of my cock and the dull ache it caused almost had me shooting my load. I was slowly stroking his cock that by now was back to a full raging hard on and I used the cum that was oozing out of the tip to lube the head of his cock. I knew that I was almost ready to shoot my load so I told him to do the same to me with the baggie as I had done to him. I stood up and he slid the baggie onto my cock and tightened his grip on my cock I held on to his shoulders and started to pump in and out of the baggie and his hands. The feeling as my cock slid in and out was very intense and he would tighten his grip as I slid in and pulled out, and the bag felt slick and the grip he had on my cock really felt like a tight pussy. I lasted about 5 minutes and then started to shoot my load, my brother quickly started jacking my cock and I felt like I was about to faint. He kept slowly jacking my cock until I could not stand the intensity of his hand rubbing the head of my cock and I had him stop. We rested for a while and then went right back to playing with each others cocks.
I don't know if this makes us bi-sexual or what but we sure enjoy masturbating regardless if it is solo or together. We both think its is more fun with some one else because you can explore your self more and in fact it is just plain fun to play with another mans cock.
Thanks for a great site. --Ed



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