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Playing Barbies

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I finished my freshman year at college and came home for the summer to save some money for the next year, and work for my parents. My next door neighbor, Allie, was a year younger than me and was just finishing high school when I got back in the spring. We'd been best buds all our lives (there are pics in the family album of us together in the bathtub when we were like 2).

Once in a while our days off coincided, and we'd hang out at her backyard pool. I'd never been involved with her (even tho I did like looking at her in her 'kini). but this summer something wild happened. Her cousin, 17 year old Becca, was visiting and we were all out at the pool. Allie was telling Becca about how we'd known each other forever, and how we'd played together all the time while growing up. She told her that we'd even played Barbies together. I hurried to let Becca know that my dolls were G.I. Joes.

Becca laughed at the idea of me playing with dolls, but I told her that all guys like dolls... especially the grown up kind. She didn't get what I meant so I made the connection for her... telling her that she and Allie were dolls. Okay, that was dumb, but she got it. They both laughed, so I kept at it... I told them that that it would be way fun for me to play Barbies with them right now. Allie asked what I was talking about (in a kind of a 'you're being stupid tone of voice), and I thought that the joke was bombing, but I kept going at it. I told her that we could go up to her room and I could help them change their clothes just like I helped her change the Barbies when we were seven.

They got real quiet and I thought I'd have to apologize or something, but then they looked at each other. 'Sounds fun to me' said Becca, and Allie shrugged and said 'Let's do it!'

I followed them into the house and up the stairs thinking that it was too good to be true, that they were going to play some kind of a trick on me, but it turned out to be a wild afternoon.

We were all in our swim gear when we got up to Allie's room, so Allie said that if this was going to work we'd need some clothes for me. She went down to her brother's room and got some of his clothes for me.

I made up the only rule... they couldn't touch their own clothes with their hands, and I couldn't touch mine. I would change their clothes and they would change mine.

The girls picked the theme we would dress for... like a picnic in the park, or the school dance, and pick out the outfits, then I would dress them and they would dress me.

Allie wanted to leave underwear on, but Becca was a lot bolder... she insisted that we get bare and dress from the skin out each time.

I started out very tame, and only touched their skin when I had to... but with each outfit I got bolder until at the end I was easing their perfect breasts into each bra cup, smoothing the fabric over their asses... and I was HARD.

They pretended not to notice when they dressed me, and I didn't mention it, but they hard a hard time zipping up the fly over my hardon.

Then Allie picked the theme 'wedding day' but she didn't have wedding dresses or a tux, so Becca changed it to 'wedding night'! I about died. They picked out a red bikini and panty for Allie and a blue thong and no bra for Becca.

I stood behind Allie and pulled her panties up... as I slipped them up over her ass she melted back into my arms, my bare hard cock grinding into her crack. It was like Becca wasn't there. I slipped my fingers into her panties and started massaging her clit. She ground her ass cheeks against my hard on and moaned.

I opened my eyes and looked directly at Becca... she licked her lips, reached out and grabbed Allies hand and pulled her on to the bed. She climbed on too and beckoned for me to follow.

They lay down on the bed next to each other and spread their legs... I knealt on the foot of the bed and began fingering both of them at the same time. It was hard to give them equal attention... I would concentrate on Allie's pleasure and then notice I was neglecting Becca, so I'd pay attention to Becca and before I knew it my hand was just resting on Allie's snatch... no motion at all. It was even harder because even though Becca was a babe I was mostly hard for Allie... I wanted to fuck her so bad right then that Becca was almost a distraction.

Allie was on my right hand tho, so she got my best. After a couple of minutes she was arching her back and gasping so I gave up on Becca and concentrated on Allie with both hands. At this point Becca began masturbating herself and just watched us.

Allie came with a scream and I was so hard that my cock was hurting. Allie was laying there just sorta gently squirming. I saw a bottle of lotion on her table so I grabbed it and squirted some of the cold stuff on my hot cock. It felt great and I started to pump it hard while knealing over Allie. She opened her eyes and I asked her if I could finish on her. She grinned and reached up and started pumping on my meat. Becca was still lying there beside us, busily jamming two fingers in her dripping snatch.

I was so close and so hard that it only took about five strokes for Allie to bring me off. Big hard ropes of cum jumped out of my cock and splattered her tits and neck. When it was over I collapsed on top of her and just lay there enjoying her hot sticky body under mine.

That was the begining of a wild summer with Allie!



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