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Playing at my Friend's House

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Playing at my Friend's House
Hi, Im 16 years old and encounterd something yesterday that I will never forget in my life. yesterday I went to my friends house to work on a school project. His mom is very attractive and young. She is about 34 or 35 and has humongous tits. Her tits were 38DD! I love tits so much but never experienced them up close or anything. When my friend went out to his neigbours house to get something for his mom, I went to get something to drink from the kitchen, where his mom was cooking. I was getting a soda from the fridge and then I noticed those big beautiful titties. I got an instant hard on. she said to have some chips and cookies also. While she way saying that, she noticed my pants. I knew she noticed, but she didnt notice that i knew what she was looking at.
All of a sudden she started to smile and look at my huge buldge in my pants. She then unbuttoned her shirt and there was a big bra holding her soft tits. I took a peek and I think she wanted me to. I smiled and stared at her chest. She then said so, how is everyhing. i told her its going good since im here. She said to come with her and watch tv in her room. i went up with her and told me to turn on the tv while she went to the washroom. I sat on the bed and watched hockey. She then came out of the washroom with nothing on but panties and a tight shirt. I was blushing and she said she always feels comfortable in those clothes. She then say beside me and started looking at her tits. She started feeling them and jiggling them around. i was so hard, hard as a rock! I looked at her play with her wonderful tits and then asked if i could see them. She smiled and then pulled her shirt right up to her neck. Her tits popped out and bounced up and down. My mouth dropped open! I saw 2 wonderful big tits with huge nipples that were sticking out!
She then said that I could touch them and do whatever i wanted to do with them. Then I came closer to her and touched her nipples. I felt the warmth and softeness of them. I then softly rubbed my finger around her nipples gentyl to see her get horny. I then opened wide and sucked on her left nipple! It was so good. I didnt care about idnner anymore, all i cared about was trying to get her tit down my throat! I played and jiggled them in my hands while sucking and sucking. she just giggled and smiled. She then asked me to masturbate her.
She pulled down her panties to her ankles and took my hand and dropped it on her pussy. I started giong in and out so fast. I couldnt help myself, I just dove right in! I continued doing this for 10 minutes while she climazed more than 3 times! She told me never to stop. I needed to masterbate. I wipped out my cock and showed it to her. She got on top of me and rubbed my cock all over her tits. I cumed right there! It went all over her tits! She was maoning so loud! All of a sudden my friend walked in and saw! He just said "so, your having a good time just like I do!" I was shocked! He got on the bed and wipped out his semi-erect cock and shoved it up his mom's ass! I couldnt believe what i was seeing! My cock was still hard so i shoved it up her pusssy! We were both pounding in to her, i think I was huring her, but she kept on insisting to go harder and faster. all 3 of us continued this for 5 more minutes then we all put back our clothes on and watched tv. I asked my friend how long him and his mom have been diong this. He said since he was 13! I asked him if I could come over tommorow, and his mom shouted out before he could say anything "YES"! I smiled and left, while i was leaving the room, i heard her say, "your freind has the best cock ever and I want to fuck him all the time" I went home and fantasized about her tits and sex with her while masterbating. That was the best night of my life!



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