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Playing Around with Cousin

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I was fourteen years old when I first jacked off with another guy. Ninth grade was proving to be a real time of chaos for me. I lost my puppy fat. My height doubled, seemingly overnight. One teacher even accused me of taking steroids (in jest, of course) because of my growth spurt. And, oh yes, my hormones were uncontrollable.

I grew up in a religious home where sex was never mentioned. So, when I discovered a pleasurable sensation could be produced by rubbing my dick, I was confused and just a little embarrassed. I often conjured up elaborate fantasies to accompany my wanking - running naked through the jungle, swinging from vines like Tarzan, and wearing skimpy loincloths with other guys.

Sometimes, however, I deliberately slept on top of my blankets, in my school uniform, as a deterrant to wanking. I tried not to wank because I felt guilty about the practice. None of my mates or friends talked about it much.

My feelings of isolation, however, all changed when my same-aged cousin from outer-state, Doug, (not his real name) came over for a sleepover. He stayed at my house for about a week and set up camp in my room (at the suggestion of my Mom).

Unlike me, Doug was a very attractive chap. He had that typical Surfer Dude body we get here in Australia. He had long (shoulder-length) hair. He had beautiful tanned skin and sensitive eyes. His smile was really warm and - best of all - he slept topless and walked around the morning after wearing nothing except his boxer shorts. I admired his confidence. He was pretty gorgeous.

I was a little pissed off that Doug slept in my bedroom because I thought I wouldn't be able to stroke my meat. Talk about sexual frustration! But then I discovered that pleasure shared can be pleasure doubled.

Sitting on my double bed one night, after my parents had gone to sleep, and drawing pictures of our favourite action heros, Doug suddenly rolled over. He had been lying on his front for some time. At first, I noticed nothing. But then I saw the silhouette of his erection straining against his red boxers. He looked as if he was in a fairly advanced state of arousal.

'Hey man,' I joked. 'That's what comes from wearing satin boxer shorts instead of undies.'

'Oh yeah?' he retorted, quickly placing his hand over his crotch. 'Well, why don't you show me yours? Then we'll be even. Don't be shy now.'

Before I could protest, Doug had me down on all four, lying face-down on the quilt. With a single tug, he pulled down my tracksuit pants. Underneath this, I was only wearing a pair of small Spirderman undies borrowed from my younger brother (all my own undies were dirty). Soon, I was laughing on the bed, naked except for my singlet and undies, as my cousin tickled me.

Doug was not content just to see the outline of my by-now hard dick and hairy balls. He wanted to see more detail. Detail was important to a budding artist. Saying he hadn't bathed yet that night, he dared me to take a shower with him.

Naturally, by now, I was turned on and could not hide my obvious interest. I sighed as Doug peeled off my undies and cupped my balls in his big hand. He was delicate and gentle, as if handling eggs. Then, with a whoop of triumph and glee, he pulled off my singlet over my head.

'Wow,' he said. 'You're cute.'

Returning the compliment, I dragged Doug's boxers down until they were around his knees. 'Oh shoot. You're huge. You're hung like a horse.'

Doug placed an affectionate hand on my shoulder. 'Thanks, man. But I wish I had your balls. And that gold bush is full-on sweet.'

'Since we've stripped for each other, dude, do you still want that shower? It's kinda late.'

My cousin cocked his head to one side for a moment and then shook his head. 'Nah. I have a better idea.'


Doug was fully naked now. Carefully, he sat down behind me on the double bed. I could feel the tip of his dick, spilling pre-cum, brush against the crack of my buttocks. Splaying his legs, he reached his arm around my waist and grabbed my dick. 'Ever been jacked off before, buddy?'

'No. I should say not.'

'Well then, let me help you.' Very gently and slowly at first, Doug pulled my foreskin up and down over the head of my dick. The feeling was awesome. Then, my cousin increased his pace. At the same time, he stroked his own dick with his free hand. I felt my pulse quicken and my breath become heavier. I felt giddy and very, very good in a warm way. The hand job was great.

Before long, I felt my milky juices inside me well up, ready to shoot. I felt a tickle in my groin and an indescribable feeling of pleasure, as if I was sailing through the air without wings. I told my cousin I was about to cum.

'Then let's change positions,' said the lad, ingeniously.

Doug and I didn't change positions exactly, however. Doug lay naked on my bed, face-up, and opted for me to straddle his torso with my legs. My penis brushed against his chin and my arse was neatly saddled on his belly button, just out of reach of his very erect, 6 inch dick.

Turning round slightly, I massaged my cousin's dick with my hand as I rubbed my own with my other hand. Doug groaned loudly in pleasure. I jerked him off for about four or five minutes before he screwed up his eyes, opened his mouth, and cried that Christ, holy mother of God, he was about to cum. He couldn't stop himself. Thrilled, I continued the stroking motion. Without seconds, Doug's milk splattered all over his belly, his red pubes, and my tense hand.

'Thanks, man. That was awesome.' My cousin inspected the damage and run a hand through his hair. His eyes sparkled, almost with tears. He looked extremely satisfied and happy. His armpits and butt crack glistened with sweat.

My cousin gazed at me in the eye. 'I'll repay you, I promise,' he said.

I was curious. 'How?'

'Like this.'

Within seconds, I was sitting naked in the lap of my cousin, as he played with my foreskin and fondled my balls. I could felt the muscles flex in his upper thighs as he caressed me. Once or twice, he even slid a forefinger into my butt hole. Surfer Doug was always a bit of a tease.

The sensations of being so physically close to another male proved overwhelming for me. I had fantasised about being jacked by my friends in speedos, but had never experienced the sweet sensation in reality. I gave a little cry as I came, exploding all over my chest, lower belly, and even Doug's left shoulder. He laughed and took a playful lick of jizz from my nipple.

'Hey. You're ok. I hope we can do this again some time. Have you ever slept totally naked?'



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