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Playing around With Brother

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My brother Tom (17) and I (19) have been very close all of our lives. We were in and out of foster homes for as long as I can remember.

Anyway, when I was 16, I noticed that my brother (14) was starting to 'check me out' quite often. I just chalked it up, to being that he was in the throws of puberty, and that he was just curious.

Our foster parents (in their 50s), had two kids, but they were both grown up, and moved out, and they were both on vacation in Seattle. So, my brother and I were home alone the majority of the time. Our bedrooms are both connected to the same bathroom. But we were cool with it, and we were both used to seeing each other naked. I was quite developed at this time. I was a large B, small C, depending on the bra brand. I am a 36C now, and my brother was also quite well hung for his age. He was about six and a half inches, and quite thick.

At this point in our lives, we had never really done anything sexual. Besides the usual flirting, and what not. Just playful instances, like when he would get out of the shower, I would give his member a squeeze as he walked past, and he would 'accidently' trip on the rug, and catch himself, by grabbing my chest. Just stupid, juvenile stuff like that. Nothing major. That was soon to change.

It wasn't long after, that I was getting ready for bed, and realised that he had borrowed my brush again. I walked into his room and found him watching a porno movie on his computer. I didn't see much, but what I saw was some guy and girl, 69ing each other. He noticed I was there, and hurried and closed it down. I told him not to worry about it and asked him for my brush. He said it was on his shelf. So, I went and grabbed it and walked back out.

So, I proceeded to brush my hair in nothing but my bra and panties, and he came walking in. He said he had some questions about sex. I had always just assumed he would have found out all that from going to school and talking to his friends. But, it turns out, he really didn't know all that much, besides the basics. I told him, I would be in his room in a minute, and finished brushing my hair.

I threw on a tank top, and some shorts, and went into his room. He was sitting on his bed, staring at his hands. I sat down next to him and proceeded to answer some of his questions. It was all pretty normal for what I expected until he blurted out that he wanted to try what he saw in that movie. I quickly said no, but in my mind, the thought intrigued me. He kept persisting, and I finally decided that as long as we don't have intercourse, then there is no harm in having some fun.

But I decided to make this a little more fun and decided to play Strip-Blackjack. I would have played Poker, but at that point in time I had no idea how to play Poker. So we played Blackjack. I checked to make sure we had the same number of clothes on and proceeded to play. He lost the first three hands, and was down to just his boxers. I could tell he didn't want to lose. So, I deliberately lost the next hand and took off my shirt. He just stared at my black bra until I snapped him out of it, to continue the game. I lost the next hand too and took off my shorts. I was wearing some black boyshort like panties that accentuate the curves of my butt which I was quite proud of. I have always been proud of my butt.

Anyway, I decided to stop losing on purpose, and just let things go as they may, and lost the next hand. I took off my bra, exposing my breasts. I could tell he desperately wanted to touch them but we had agreed that we wouldn't touch each other until the game was over. This was more, just to get us into the mood, more than anything. I dealed out the next hand and I beat him, 21 to 19. He stood up, and dropped his boxers.

This wasn't really much of a shock, because we had seen each other so many times before anyway. The terms of the game were that the loser was the winners slave for two minutes. After, we would just play around with each other. So, I decided on a little game for us to play. I threw my clothes back on real fast and ran downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of syrup. I came back into his room and took my clothes back off, including the panties that had remained on, after the game.

I lay down on the floor and proceeded to make a trail of syrup all over my body, and instructed him to follow the trail. Licking up all the syrup, he proceeded to lick in a circle around my chest, and then licked and rubbed all over my breasts. He sucked on my breasts for a few seconds more and then followed the trail down my stomach and then down my left leg. He licked the syrup off of my toes and then proceeded back up my leg and followed the trail, up and over, just barely missing my womanhood. He then went down and back up my right leg and the trail ended at my vagina.

Being as my two minutes were up, I decided this was a good time as any. I was incredibly horny, and was in need of some relief and by the look of his penis, he was too. I had him lay down on his back and I proceeded to lay down alongside him. I held his penis and started to rub him gently up and down. He in turn started rubbing my swollen pussy and slipped a finger into my wetness. This was driving me wild. I then began rubbing his balls and squeezing them gently.

I could feel myself almost reaching the point of no return and began bucking my hips up and down. He did the same, basically, fucking my hand, as I continued to jack him off much faster now. My orgasm swept over me, and I started shaking violently as he continued fingering my now dark red cunt. This must have sent him over the edge because he began to shoot onto his chest. The sensation of cumming together with my brother, as we were so close, made it all the more memorable.

This was the start of some great experiences together that I will share at a later date.



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