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Playground Pole

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Who would have ever thought that a young girl who was actually more of a 'TOMboy' would feel something she never felt before doing something as simple as climbing up a playground swing set pole.

I was always the type of kid that played just as hard as all the boys in my neighborhood. I did the whole nine yards, climbed trees, made forts, hiked through woods, had crab apple wars with the kids down the block. Well close to my house there was this small park at my old kindergarten school and what I did there years later was something I sure didn't learn in kindergarten. The park was on the way home from school and sometimes my friends and I would stop there to swing on the swings for old time's sake. It was fun, brought back care free memories and simpler times. I mean, after all, we were all so much older now!!

One day, while there I decided I was going to see if I could climb up one of the poles that held up the swing set. I was very thin growing up and pretty strong so this was no problem whatsoever for me. Once at the top I just kind of hung up there for awhile but in order to do that I had to wrap my legs around the pole pretty tight to hold myself up. And as I was pressing against this pole, sure enough, I felt a really pleasant wave of sensations in my lower half, close to my clit. I was trying to act like it was nothing because my friends were with me so I slid down real fast and as I was coming down the feeling was just absolutely awesome. That pole had separated my lips apart and was giving me a wonderfully nice hug.

What a rush...I had never felt that feeling before and I liked it. I now realize it was the hard pressure of the pole that I needed to feel maybe my g-spot!?! I can't remember if I felt guilty at all doing what I did or even knowing what masturbation was, all I knew was that I wanted to have that feeling again. So of course I suggested visiting the park to my friends a little more often than a girl my age should have. Each time the pleasure was a little more intense than the time before. Unfortunately my friends were always there too so I couldn't really get into it as much as I would have liked to. For me it was really just more fun then actually knowing that I was so close to having my very first orgasm without the usual and normal means to 'get there'.

So one day I decided I would go to the park alone and closer to dusk. I knew no one would be there at that time because back then we always had to be close to home when it got dark. When I got to the park I started at the bottom and held on and pretended to be a circus performer. With the pole in between my legs I spun my body around it a few times pressing it as close to my clit as I could. Slowly I worked my way up grinding into that pole like there was no tomorrow. When I got to the top I just kind of rocked my body up and down a few times, which almost took me over the edge. After that I started back down and then I stopped.......held on for a bit.....then pressed hard into it. Next I pulled myself up just a little and then went back down a little further and kept doing this until I was almost down to the ground.....and then it happened.....the explosion....'the grand prize'. I felt a massive quivering inside my juicy clit and all the way down my long slender legs.

It had happened.....my first orgasm...what a feeling, what a day!!! Then I ran home as fast as I could so I wouldn't get in trouble for getting home too late.

I did it a few more times after that day and then never went back, never to masturbate again......seriously...... until I was thirty years old (but with my fingers this time instead of a pole). That in itself is another whole story which I'll have to write about some other day!!

Well.....if you'll excuse me now.......I really need to go play at the park!!!!



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