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Last Saturday my parents were away and I had to take my eight year old brother to his little league game and then drop him off at a playdate. When I arrived at the game his friend and playdate buddy was their with his older sister. Judy was a year younger than me and still had curves in the right places. We started to talk and she asked how college was and she couldn't wait to finish high school. I couldn't help notice her breasts in her low cut top and when she turned and picked up her water that dropped on the ground I had a great view of her ass and ass crack. I was getting a little wood and Judy I think noticed. After she bent down I could see her nipples were getting hard.

Once the game was over I followed her to the house and the boys had a snack and then went downstairs and played Wii. Judy told them we would be upstairs if they needed anything. Judy took my hand and we went into her room. Judy came over and first hugged me and then kissed me. We started to make out and soon I had my shirt off and Judy took off hers. Her bra was not holding her breasts in and soon the bra was off and I was feeling her breast and nipples. When I kissed her nipple and sucked on it Judy started to feel my hard on between my legs. I let go of her breast and took off my jeans and boxer briefs. Judy's eyes went wide and she started to rub my dick. I told her it felt great and Judy proceeded to give me a hand job. She knew what to do and kept rubbing my balls along with my dick. Soon when I was leaking precum she went faster and I told her I was close. Judy kept up the pace and I shot my cum on her hand and chest. I sat down and told her that was amazing. She smiled and told me she had done it before and read about it in magazines.

After I was cleaned up I asked her if she ever had a guy masturbate her. Judy told me she wanted to be fingered down their. She stripped off her jeans and panties and turned around. I had her ass in my face and I kissed each cheek. She laughed and turned around. Just before I could tell her to lay down we heard her brother ask if my brother could stay for dinner. Judy yelled down yes and both shouted yah as we did a silent one. I had Judy on her back and I opened her legs. She had some pubic hair but not a lot. She then asked if she smelled and I said no. I started to finger her and soon she was into it and bucking and moaning. When I felt her clit I started to rub it and Judy was having tremors and telling me how good this was. In another 30 seconds she was breathing heavier and then when her orgasm hit she had a pillow over her face and screamed. I stopped and she had a very big smile on her face.

We were on her bed naked and recovering when Judy told me I was the first guy to see her naked and touch her. That was also the most intense orgasm she ever had and while she wanted me to take her virginity she wanted to wait. I told her no problem. We cuddled and I went hard and I was using my dick to rub her ass. She laughed and said it did feel good. When we heard her brother yell what was for dinner we quickly dressed and went downstairs. We ordered pizza and played Wii and ate until 8 pm and then we went home.

In the car ride home my little brother asked what Judy and I were doing in her room. I told him I was showing her a few things about my college and just catching up on a few people we were both friends with. I then asked my brother if he wanted another playdate next week.



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