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Play Fight

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A true story of my first sexual encounter


This is a true story and I still dream about it now when ever I feel the 'urge'!!

Being placed in a local college at seventeen, my parents arranged for me to lodge at a at the house of one their friends. She was a lady of forty-five called Liz, who was a fun, relaxed kind of person, and a widow. She had four kids including a girl, Sarah, who was sixteen at the time.

Each Tuesday night Liz would go out, leaving me to baby-sit Sarah. Sarah was a very attractive girl, blond, about 5'5' tall, 112 lbs with a lovely figure, including a 34 c/d bust. We would normally sit down and watch TV in the sitting room. There was one nice, comfy arm chair which I would usually get. Sarah always used to try to get me off the chair by jumping on my lap and trying to squeeze herself into the chair whilst pushing me off. Being fairly 'innocent' at the time, I never really thought it could be anything more but a 'fight' for the comfy chair. However, most times during our playing, I would 'accidentally' brush her ample breast with my hand, which would invariably cause me to get a hard-on. I would then be forced to hide it for the rest of the evening until bedtime, when I could jerk off with the thought of that touch.

Nothing beyond that really happened for another month until one day I was home early from college and had got absolutely soaked in the rain. I decided to have a bath when I got in and there was no one at home. I had a lovely warm soak and then I heard Sarah coming into the house from school. Her bedroom was just opposite the bathroom and so she left her door open and we chatted about the day whilst I was in the bath.

On getting out of the bath I wrapped a towel around my waist and let the water out. Sarah must have heard this because when I came out of the bathroom she was there waiting to pounce on me to continue 'play fighting'. She grabbed the towel, and very nearly managed to pull it off me before I could get a hold of it. In this process, she succeeded in getting a quick flash of my 'privates' and was giggling away like mad. I was fighting to keep covered whilst fighting to get to my bedroom, but this whole experience and the thought of Sarah seeing my penis was getting me arroused. As I was nearing my room, she must have noticed the bulge and gave one almighty tug at the towel, which fell to the floor giving her an unobstructed view of my erect penis. She started chanting, 'Paul's got a boner, Paul's got a boner'. I blushed and grabbed the towel as quickly as I could to cover my embarrassment and ran into my room and sat on my bed.

Still chanting away, and laughing, she dived onto the bed next to me, still trying to remove the towel. I then decided if she's playing like this then I have every reason to retaliate against this lovely school girl in uniform. I said to her, ' stop, or I'll retaliate!' She still carried on, so I grabbed a hand-full of her breast squeezed it. It was so wonderful, and a completely new experience for me as I had never had a relationship with a girl, and this was my first time feeling a breast. I was in heaven. She let out a playful scream and not wanting to upset her and get in to trouble with her mother, I let go.

But Sarah carried on and had now got the towel completely off me and threw it out of reach. I then thought right, this is enough, I'm stronger, so I pinned her down underneath me and sat on her back to keep her face down on the bed. She was giggling like mad now and bucking like a bronco trying to dislodge me and still chanting about my hard on! I told her to stop but she wouldn't so I picked up the courage and forced my hands up to her panty covered buttocks and squeezed them, and Sarah screamed again, whilst trying to dislodge my hold on her. I said to her to stop or I'd go further, fully expecting her to stop as things had gone far enough, and I was worried about what we had done already in case her mother found out.

But she still didn't stop ! Once more, I warned her, but she still carried on so I let my hand go down into her panties and felt her warm soft bum. By now my cock was so hard and wet, I was in heaven. My first female bum! I had never experienced anything like this before and let my hand stay there feeling around her arse, it was wonderful, so soft. She was giggling like mad now and still bucking around but she couldn't dislodge me.

I then plucked up the courage and allowed my finger to slide down to her precious virginal crack. First I felt her ring and slid past that, then I started to feel a few soft hairs and then the treasure, her very wet, warm lips which were soaking. It was wonderful for me, my first feel of a girl and she was so wet and warm. Still she wouldn't stop! My heart was beating ten to the dozen, so I thought why not go for it? I let my finger slide into that beautiful virgin pussy, it was wonderful as I let it slide in and out, so warm, so wet, so naughty.

Sarah then went very quiet and I looked at her and she had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying the pleasures of my hand and finger as this I later found out was her first time as well. I carried on feeling that lovely moist pussy, playing with her lips and letting my finger slide in and out of her. I slid off her back and lay down next to her, keeping my hand inside her panties just in case she wouldn't let me carry on. Her eyes remained closed so I kept going, and every once in a while I felt her shiver and tense her legs, as she got more and more aroused.

She kept silent with her eyes closed and a small grin on her face, so I got her to turn over onto her back. She kept her eyes closed as I lifted up her white school shirt and I started to feel her breast through her soft cotton bra, I noticed her nipples pointing out and creating a mound on top of her lovely breast, I then lifted one of her bosoms out of the confines of her bra and started to suck and lick her nipples. She loved this, pushing her ample breasts out with each lick trying to force more in to my mouth.

I then slid my hand back down her tummy and in to her panties and then massaged her pussy externally before allowing my finger to slip back in to her pussy. She seemed to be really enjoying this even though she was still silent except for the odd gasp here and there and the rapid increase in her breathing.

She was so wet and warm, so I took her hand and placed it onto my cock so she could feel me whilst I played with her. It was lovely feeling a girl touching your cock for the first time, I was ready to explode my load there and then but managed to keep it back for later whilst I concentrated on Sarah, just in case this would be a one off.

Sarah's breathing started to get very deep and I could feel little spasms of her virgin pussy as my finger slid in and out, as well as spasms of her muscles in her thighs, she must be close, so I increased the speed of my fingering and she gripped my cock harder and harder.

Suddenly her eyes opened and she shrieked as the orgasm swept through her body, my finger was almost impossible to move inside her virginal canal as her muscles gripped me, she was breathing so heavily and groaning as the orgasm flowed though her before relaxing back on to the bed.

'Oh God, that was fantastic' she said.

I told her it looked wonderful and was fantastic for me too, and how I'd really enjoyed playing with her.

I was fit to explode and she looked down to her hand still holding my cock and smiled. I blushed a bit but asked if she ever seen a boy cum, 'no' she replied.

I then lay on my back with my cock pointing to the ceiling and said watch, I then took her hand and wrapped it around my hard six inch cock and then started her off stroking me. I then removed my hand from hers and let her carry on, the feeling was incredible, my first hand job by anyone else. Her soft hand sliding up and down my shaft, mmmm, superb. I also played with her breasts that were still hanging out of her bra, squeezing them, sucking them, I was in heaven and Sarah was fascinated by my cock, she never took her eyes off it as she was pulling the foreskin up and down revealing my purple head.

Meanwhile I was feasting on her breasts, never having seen any before except as a kid and seeing my mother's, but this was new, this time I could appreciate them!

My cock twitched in her hand as it was about to shoot and Sarah squeaked in surprise by the twitch and let go I said to her don't stop keep going so she placed her hand back around my hard-on and kept going, and then the floodgates opened! Wave after wave of cum flew out onto my tummy and Sarah was laughing with delight as she watched my cock pumping the cum out over her hand and on to my balls.

We both lay there for a while talking about it and how we both enjoyed it and I was so relieved in my naivety that she really enjoyed it and had wanted to 'play' for a while!

Other performances similar to this happened but Ill save those for another day!!



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