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Play by Play Record of a Luxurious Masturbatory Saturday

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What I do on a typical lazy weekend afternoon


Usually when I masturbate, I don't look at the clock. I just blissfully tune out and surrender my body to the pleasure. It really feels like I'm off in another universe and all time stops for me. Just so people can have a sense of what a very horny autosexual woman does, I decided to make a record of what my auto-erotic afternoon looked like.

4:00 pm: I begin on the hour to make it easier to keep time. I log onto this site and start writing a story.  My story arouses me so much that I almost don't make it. I almost stop in the middle to masturbate, but I will myself to keep on going. Finally, I'm done and read it over to check for mistakes, and reading it makes my horniness surge once again.   I submit it, and rather than seek relief right then and there, I surf the internet for porn. A few minutes of porn later, I put my laptop away, and my fingers meet my pussy for the first time. My vagina has been very generous in the juice department. (Total time spent on story writing and porn watching, 1 hour 37 minutes)

5:37 pm: I start out with some tease and foreplay strokes like I always do when I begin to masturbate.  Rather than plunging into my full-blown masturbation stroke right away, I use teasing finger techniques to get myself in a state of hot anticipation. (Total time spent teasing, three minutes)

5:40 pm: I start masturbating in earnest. The finger stroke feels almost overwhelming like it always does after an extended period of arousal.   I want to orgasm right away, but I know if I relax and keep at it, the feeling will subside, and I can enjoy a long session.

5:51 pm: It's still hard for me to hold back the urge to orgasm. I become a little too "spirited" and "enthusiastic" in the speed and pressure of my clit fingering and get too close to orgasm for comfort.  To back myself down, I switch from my masturbating in earnest stroke back to a less arousing foreplay stroke.  After I'm back at a safe level, I continue.   This next stretch of my session feels the best as I plateau comfortably and don't need to put as much effort into controlling my arousal level, anymore. I drift into a pleasant trance as my lubricated fingers make magic on my clit.   It feels like I'm floating on a cloud.

6:22 pm: My body is giving me the green light to have my long-delayed O.   I can fight and resist, but I choose not to. I surrender to the orgasm cooperatively.   My soft, gentle clit circles turn into hard, rapid ones to welcome my big O.   The usual bucking of hips, thrashing of legs, rapid jerky movements, and grunting happen. (Total time spent on full-blown masturbation, 42 minutes)

My orgasm lasts for 1 minute, 20 seconds. I had a short nap afterwards.

My final assessment of my Saturday session was that it was pretty average.   I've spent much longer times on the internet getting myself aroused beforehand. I've spent much longer times in the delicious act of masturbation.  This was a run-of-the-mill, garden-variety Saturday session for a committed autosexual.



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