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Planned To Get Caught by Wife

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I've been married now for going on close to fifteen years, and in that time the sex with my wife has gone up and down like a roller coaster. Three kids, work, and other things 'domestic' have made for some pretty long periods of less than satisfying sex. Like most guys, I've made up for the lack of consentual sex with a lot of masturbating.

Things have gotten better lately, and one thing that I think has contributed to the improvement is more openness and communication as to what we both like or think is hot and sexy. One thing that I've always wanted to introduce into our bedroom sexual activity is more mutual masturbation. Watching a woman pleasure herself to a shuddering orgasm has always been a huge turn-on for me, and well, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist myself and am quite willing to put on a show for my wife! J

We've also incorporated watching soft porn together as a way to start some heated sex sessions, so when the kids are in bed and asleep, we'll pop in a naughty DVD and watch together, sometimes touching ourselves or each other until we just have to 'do it'.

Well, late one night my wife was upstairs in our study down the hall from the master bedroom doing some work. I was feeling horny and neglected and decided to be really naughty and start watching some porn on my own. I then thought that I'd be extremely bad and see if I could get caught by my wife masturbating on my own to see what she would do. So I purposely left the bedroom door open and turned the tv volume up a bit so the sexy sounds from the xxx movie I was watching would be heard down the hall.

I stripped naked and lay on the bed, propped up on the pillows and started to stroke my cock. The movie was one of my favorites, with a very hot scene and so that plus the thought of getting 'caught' had my cock stretched to its full hardness and oozing precum in no time. My cock was pulsing and twitching as it lay hard against my stomach and I teased myself by only lightly touching my balls and shaft as I didn't want to cum too soon. The sounds from the movie were so hot and I knew my wife could hear them.

Sure enough, a couple of minutes later my wife walked into the room and asked what the heck I was doing. She had a mixed look of surprise and excitement as she saw the xxx movie on one side of the room and me lying on the bed, hard cock in hand on the other.

Scolding me, she called me a naughty horn dog, but other than that she actually seemed a bit turned on by what she was seeing! Seems as if I got her in one of her good moods for sex! I confessed to her that I was feeling so horny that I didn't know when she was going to be done working and just had to have some fun on my own.

My wife then sat down on the bed next to me and starting watching the movie with me while looking back now and then to see how I was slowly stroking my cock up and down and moaning at how good it felt. She started to encourage me saying sexy nasty things like how hot it was to watch me stroke my big cock and how she wanted to watch me squirt my cum for her.

I'm always one for some hot nasty talk during sex, so I talked back to her telling her how turned on I was to be pumping my hard shaft for her while she watched. I squeezed the shaft of my cock and milked up a big drop of precum and then asked her if I should smear it over the head, or lick it. I could see and hear her shudder in excitement as she told me to lick it for her. With my forefinger I scooped it off and brought it to my lips where I smeared it over before popping it in to lick off my own precum with my tongue.

As I did I heard my wife gulp and moan, saying that I was really turning her on now. So I told her she should join me and she quickly peeled off her clothes to get on the bed with me. But instead of going straight to sex, she actually said she wanted to watch me finish jacking off! My cock felt like it stretched and grew another inch in excitement when she said that! I was SO turned on now between the movie and my wife now laying naked next to me watching me as I pumped and stroked my cock.

She was cooing words of encouragement, urging me on to shoot my hot cum for her. I was getting closer and closer now to my orgasm when I got a really nasty hot thought in my head. I really wanted to put on hot show for my wife and then asked her to take hold of my cock and to finish me off. Many times in the past I've asked my wife if I could shoot my cum on her tits or her ass and she's willingly complied since she knows how much I like to watch my cum blast out in ropes over her hot body. Well, tonight I thought, why not let her watch me shoot on myself!

I guided her hand to my cock and let her take over stroking me. Her eyes went back and forth between my cock and my eyes, watching more precum ooze out and the pleasure she was giving me. I looked her right in the eyes and asked if she wanted to make me shoot my cum all over myself. Again she gulped and moaned in excitement that she would LUV to see that! Then, I don't know what came over me, but then I asked if she wanted to try and make me shoot in my mouth! She literally gasped in shocked excitement and asked if I would really do that for her, to which I said, let's try.

I told her I was really close to cumming and she continued stroking me just below the head, just like I like it. I reached down and tugged down on my balls to make the skin on my shaft really tight which helps me shoot my cum even further. With a couple more strokes my wife sent me over the edge into my orgasm. I looked into my wife's eyes and gasped out for her to point my cock right back at my own face to make me spray my cum all over for her. Her eye's were locked on mine as well, cooing to shoot my cum for her and I went rigid now as my orgasm triggered, the pressure of my cum building up in my cock until I couldn't take it any more.

There was a tiny spurt of cum at first that landed on my stomach and I gasped out. My wife stopped stroking my cock and held my cock still lightly squeezing the shaft and pointing it right back to my uplifted head. Next a long blast of cum shot out and splattered all over my face, some of it going over my head to land on the pillow behind me. My wife let out a gutteral moan as I flicked out my tongue to lick some of the cum off of my lips. More ropes of cum shot out landing further down my chest and stomach as my orgasm subsided as I lay covered in my own hot cum. By now my wife was in a sexual frenzy watching this hot show and leaned down to kiss and lick the cum from my cheeks and lips. Her hands rubbed my chest and stomach, smearing my cum all over.

She then straddled me and rubbed her pussy up and down over my cum covered chest and stomach, mixing her own wetness with mine desperately getting herself off by mashing her clit down against me. It didn't take long for her to reach her own orgasm and to satisfy herself just enough for us to both shower and clean off for some more fun.

We've had other similar fun together while watching naughty movies, some of which entered into new territory for both of us. Maybe I'll share those in a future story.



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