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Place To Be

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The water was still and green here in the creek that stretched for miles inland from the sea, one of many in a in a reticulating network of small arteries reaching through the marshes and islands along the Georgia coastline. For miles the uninhabited coast was cut here and there with small rivers bring nutrients into the flat expanse of marshland and forest. One could easily get lost forever in the endless mazes formed by these tide borne streams that ended miles later with brackish tones and sandy clumps far into the belly of Georgia. I knew this part of the coast as well as anyone and enjoyed the solitude and virginal beauty that lay for centuries unvisited and undeveloped- a natural lost world for all but a few people. My 14 foot skiff planed perfectly and cut the still surface noisily as I headed into an area of the coast where I had caught lots of trout and flounder, the middle of nowhere. the blue sky was high and clear and the sun was brilliant so that I squinted my eyes when I turned a corner of marsh and headed into it. I was alone and my spirits were buoyant and my heart raced as I devoured small beach expanses and coves of forest growth. The tide was half out and the debris and oyster rakes stood out patiently. The rush of air over my chest and face was warm but not moist or uncomfortable. The temperature was probably 78 degrees and the breeze just cool enough to prevent the stickiness so often endured in the late spring mornings. I slowed down to admire the curved creek line and small sand carpet that rimmed the water, a perfect place to pull in and try my luck. I'd never seen anyone back here before and I could spend a day here alone and undetected by all but God.

Or so I thought. I swung my leg into the shallow mud bottomed shore and pulled the boat up onto the sand and threw the anchor a few feet ahead into the sand to hold the boat. I couldn't see around the bend where I moored but I had a sudden feeling there was activity or presence near me. The only other people who could possible know this place were all people I knew somewhat. Two were girls that grew up here and worked as waitresses with me at the local evening dining hotspot. I had only started working there a few weeks ago and both girls had made a mothering fuss over my arrival- replacing a chef friend of theirs. We had exchanged a passing agreement to meet for a day around here to fish sometime, but I didn't really make much of it. I was new to the island and really focused on fishing and exploring. They were both very attractive- one, Ellie was brown eyed, and had a smile that never quite faded away and her figure was one of those freely expressed bodies that brimmed with a seductive allure of which she appeared utterly unaware- making her all the more desireable, Beth her blonde taller buddy was athletic and graceful, long legs and arms that sung of confident and graceful tones, when she tossed her hair and smiled it was so natural, I remember picturing her doing it naked the first time I met her and I had thought that Ellie picked up on it. I really had my share of fantasies about them both when I would leave work and return home at night. Lately they had been teasing me about going out with them for a drink, but I didn't drink and I wasn't even unpacked and really wanted to find my way around first and celebrate my move back to the coast. I imagined them both just before I would fall asleep at night my first few nights and I pictured Ellie with a perfect pink plump ass rounded smartly and one that would respond to a gentle slap with a shudder and then a repositioning of itself to invite another slap and squeeze. I had pictured her on her hands and knees with her hind end arched invitingly to me, slightly parted and hungry to be explored somewhere on a sandy spit in the sun with no trees or cover- totally exposed and even with her reaching back with her clenching little hands to offer me the sweet spot between her cheeks eagerly. I would think about this for about a minute and begin to feel myself long intensely for a moment alone with her and quickly my penis would straighten and thicken and I would shove my shorts down and kick them off and rub my scrotum and penis as I felt my anal muscles want to yield to uninhibited exposure. I would quickly find some oil and reach around to moisten my anal opening and stroke my shaft sloppily, massaging my scrotum every few strokes as I picture Ellie's ass opening wide and me burying my tongue into her ass and running it in circles around the rim. I love to masturbate outdoors.

Now I was all alone out on the sand and I couldn't get it out of my mind.

I sat down on the sand and writhed and thrusted and finally exploded. I secretly wish I would get caught and a girl would join in.



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