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Pizza Delivery Boy's Big Tip!

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I had been thinking of this guy for a long time and finally decided I was going to do something about it!


For the last six months the same cute guy has been delivering pizza for a nearby pizza place. When he delivered pizza to me the first time I almost melted looking at him! He is 19 and tall and great looking. I found myself ordering pizza about once a week whether I was hungry or not just to see him.

I love to masturbate and my pussy gets so wet and juicy as I play with her. I found myself masturbating frequently thinking about him. I've always been one to get what I want and I was determined to have some fun with him. One night I was laying on the bed, my pussy dripping my juices, my vibe and my fingers working the inside and outside of every part of my pussy, imagining he was there with me with a beautiful stiff cock. I was wanting him so badly right then and there. I decided 'go for it girl!' I got off the bed and called the pizza place and ordered my standard pizza for delivery, but I asked if Josh was there first. They said he was there and the pizza would arrive in about 20 minutes. I couldn't contain myself. I wanted him to see my pussy in all it's red hot wetness, and I wanted to see the package he wore so well in his tight jeans.

I was wondering what I should wear to the door, if anything at all! My heart was pounding. I was both scared and excited. I was just about to do the most outrageously bold thing I had ever done!

The longer I waited the more in a sexual tizzy I became. Finally the doorbell rang!

I pulled on a pair of thong panties and walked to the door topless. I opened the door and gave him a full view of my almost naked body. His mouth dropped wide open! My heart was beating wildly! I could hardly speak. I told him to come in and I'd get the money. He walked in and I pretended to look in my purse digging for money. I had money but was pretending I couldn't find enough. I wanted him to have a long, long look at me.

He whistled and told me how sexy I looked and I stopped looking for the money. I know my thong was sopping wet by then too. I do have nice breasts and my nipples stick straight out. I could see a long shape developing in his pants. I told him I had enough money for the pizza, but I was sorry ... I somehow didn't have enough for a tip. He was still almost speechless as he stood there with his eyes going up and down my body.

I took several steps closer to him and as I reached for his growing cock, I told him I'd give him a better tip. I pulled his zipper down and pulled out a beautiful long, rock hard dick. I asked him if that was OK and he just moaned and leaned against the counter. My pussy was dripping! I stopped and removed my thong and his eyes almost popped out of his head!

I took his hand and walked him to the couch and sat him down. I stood in front of him and placed my right foot up on the armrest and used both hands to spread open my pussy. I wanted him to see me, to see how wet I was. I wanted him to watch me rub and finger myself. I slipped two fingers inside my pussy and ran them in and out, then around and around my clit. His hand automatically went to his dick and he started jacking off as he watched me.

I fingered and rubbed slowly then fast, wildly almost, and he jacked and suddenly his beautiful dick sent a river of cum all over his stomach. That was too much. I had a violently hot orgasm. My body was shaking and my knees almost gave way. Then I leaned over and kissed him and asked him if the tip was OK! He told me it was the best tip he had EVER received!

Getting my courage up to do that, and actually doing it was something I never thought I could do, but I'm glad I did. I ordered pizza again several days later and this time I let him finger me and rub my clit as I jacked him off. I wonder? Is too much pizza bad for you?



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