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Pillow Talk

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Quite recently I have discovered the erotic power of pillow talk.

I told my wife a happening I heard from my friend who is a lawyer. He had a client who looked for a divorce, because he caught his wife masturbating. This client was so conservative that he refused to consult a marriage counsellor. My friend needed several interviews to finally convince this fool that masturbation is normal among married people.

My wife liked this happy ending. We both masturbate when we are separated and we know about this, although we have not talked about this intensively. Masturbation for her is a physical need and she does it occasionally to relax and to drift into sleep faster. She never used any fantasy, she told me once.

Instead of letting this story end with this result that was accepted by her, I just continued wondering how my friend the lawyer has convinced this poor chap. Did he (the lawyer friend) just quote statistics of a sexual research or did he tell him that his own wife (the lawyer's wife, whom my wife knew well) does it as well? Did he make his client describe his discovery in detail?

We were in our bedroom when I outlined this story further, using words I had never used when talking to her and at one time my wife asked me to stop talking about these details, which are 'dirty' fantasies. I knew that my wife did not like 'dirty' fantasies. Everything is porn for her. But I had my hand between her legs, and told her that obviously she liked those details, since her vagina was very wet. To confirm my discovery, I guided her hand between her legs. I think she was even more surprised than I was about her own reaction as I guided one of her fingers to her vagina. She has a big mound and protruding lips and I pressed one finger between her lips.

I switched off the light and I am sure that my wife was expecting that I mount her. We always do it in the dark, but I realized that she left her hand on her labia. Instead of replacing her hand by my penis, I decided to talk a bit more about this incident. I leaned over her ear and told her, that our friend the lawyer told him that his wife does it as well and he understands it. Now then, the wife of the lawyer-let us call her Mary-is a close friend of my wife. I realized that my wife moved her hand into her vagina in this darkness.

Although as pure fiction, I told her that our friend the lawyer discussed the habit of male and female masturbation. And this discussion made our friend excited, and at the end of the legal session, he had to go to the bathroom to jack off. I described this doing in detail, his type of penis, his standing at the sink. She did not anymore, ask me to stop it. I only heard squishing noises coming from her side. This made me touch my own meat which was stiff by now.

She was so far a way in this story that I told, that she did not even realize that I worked on my own meat. The smell from her vagina escaped from the blanket and filled my nose, squishing acceptance, moaning.

Then we both came in a shuddering orgasm. It took her some ten minutes to calm down and then she drifted into a deep sleep.

There I was. I had discovered a new play. My wife was breathing deeply beside me; the smell of her sex still escaping from her. I was so curious and actually found her hand still on her lap. I found as well, her pj trousers soaked with her juice. I examined it with my hand which was still sticky with cum. I cleaned my hands in her pyjama trousers.

Nothing was mentioned the next day. Actually, I had to leave my home early for some talks with tenants that I have. I returned for lunch and afterwards mowed the lawn. But in the afternoon the following happened.

We have had just had our cup of afternoon tea while sitting on our veranda. The sun shone into the room; neighbours passed; they saw us and we waved at them.

And what did they see? They saw a single standing house out of brick. We bought this house some 30 years ago, and although it is an old house it is well maintained, has a new tiled roof and the garden is well maintained. They see us in the veranda, a mature couple of the age 65 (me) and 61 (my wife). My wife runs this house and I as retired CEO care for the garden. They know that we have grown up boys who visit us every week. They know that we both play golf. They see us in the garden, as we go shopping and occasionally we meet them on social events. They see a couple that is always dressed decently, and we have always a friendly word with them if we meet them at the front garden.

They see this mature couple which is aged, kind and nice. I think we had been never considered by them as sexual couple. Actually at our peak-time we had sex 2 to 3 times a week. We had our intercourse activity (what a technical term!), oral activity and manual manipulation. Always straight and most of the time clean. Then some 10 years ago the frequency went down substantially and we were at a level of a monthly cuddling (I don't have statistics on this). Anyhow those neighbours who passed or who would look into our veranda at tea time they would say outmost 'what a kind couple they make.

They would even see that I looked at this afternoon at my wife and if they would see it, they would see my smile. Anyhow, I looked at my old lady who can moan so beautifully at night. I looked at mature body. I looked her right hand which had been so active the last night before. Then - it was just a teasing spontaneous action - I took her right hand in mine, told her that she has still beautiful fingers, a compliment she took with a casual loving smile. She did not get the clue that I meant it to be sexual. I looked at her hand; I touched the fingers one by one, the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger and the small finger. All of them mature with some wrinkles, discreetly coloured in a sort of dark pink colour. And I thought that one of those fingers is her active partner at night, and I could not say whether it was the index finger or the middle finger, or both.

If they would look at my house at night at all, they would see that the light went off as usual between 10:30 and 11:00 pm. 'They are just an elderly couple in the neighbourhood who needs their sleep', they might think. I am sure that this is what they could think, but I am convinced that we are too inconspicuous to create a thinking process at all.

I managed it to make it happen that same night.

Actually I told her my observation that we all do not know what is happening behind the dark windows in road, because they do not talk about this. But if we would be more open, neighbours would not just know about each other life, but get stimulated. As one example I quoted this stimulating effect on both men and woman knowing that there is an elderly woman, who is secretly busy with her fingers all the time between her legs, inside her slit. And - exactly as she performed like this 'elderly woman' - I described how those men and women feel and what they do.

We both soiled her pyjama trousers again. We have discovered the power of pillow talk.



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