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I dont THINK I'm wierd, I KNOW! LOL


OK, well, first off, I'm 17 and like most of my friends I am into boys in a BIG way. I'm not a slut or anything. (I HATE labels) I'm just a girl who enjoys sex. My best friend is Kate. (Its ok, I asked her if I can tell her real name) Kate is taller than me with large blue eyes you could drown in. She has a tattoo on her back and has her tummy pierced.

I kind of like looking a there because the whole of her looks, somehow, right. I'm not making sense, but some people just don't look right with piercing or a tattoo, but she does. Anyways, she was at my house last week and said she had a secret to show me. In my room she took of her top and showed me a pierced nipple. I nearly died!! She told me she did it herself. She bought a bar bell as if it was for a friend then she sterilized a needle and just did it. I asked her if it hurt much and she said that it did, but that it was nice too.

I wanted one too, and so last night she came to my house with all the stuff. I stripped to the waist, (actually all I had on was panties) and lay on my back on my bed. Kate said it would be best if I sat up so I did. She took hold of my left breast and rubbed antiseptic over the nipple. It felt kind of strange to have another girl touching my breast, but I soon forgot that with the coldness. My nipples hardened in a second. Then, she took hold of my left nipple and squeezed it quite hard to numb it. I was, as I said, sitting cross legged, and Kate couldn't not have known, but squeezing my nipples is the one thing that can make me super horny. I felt myself getting wet and hoped to God that it didn't show through my panties. Kate put the needle to my nipple and asked me if I was sure I wanted it. I nodded and Kate stuck me with it. I won't say it didn't hurt coz it did, but it also felt so sexy. She followed the needle through with a lovely gold barbell. I was flushed all across my chest. I looked down at my new body jewelry and then looked at Kate. I said nothing and neither did she, but the next second she had reached gently forward and slipped her hand into my panties. I lie back on the bed and let her tease my clit. I could not help myself from responding. It felt horny and kind of slutty too. Kate pulled my panties to one side and pushed two fingers deep inside me while still working on my clit. I reached for my piercing and tweaked it. In seconds I was coming so hard that for the first time in my life, I squirted. I thought I had peed myself, but Kate said it wasn't pee.

For some stupid reason, I cried my eyes out. Kate held me till I finished and then I asked if I could touch her. She said I didn't have to but agreed only if I really wanted to.

It felt lovely to help her cum.

Well I got to go play now.....



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