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Pictures of My Mom

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I found this site and reading these experiences from others brought back memories I would like to share


When I was younger, I was always curious about sex. I grew up in a small house and I used to hear my parents in the room next to mine. I could hear my mom moaning and bodies slapping wondering what they were doing. Every Sunday, they would lock themselves in the room all day and would only come out to get some water or use the restroom. I remember my mom coming out, barely dressed in a thin nightgown, no bra and nipples hard and in plain view, with her long hair messed up, what I now know as the 'I just got fucked' look.

When I was a schoolboy, both my parents went to work very early and I used to wake up after they left to get ready for school. When I knew they both left, I would go into their room and snoop around. I had found that my parents had porn magazines and dildos and I would take off my clothes and look at them while lying in their bed. I also loved the way my mom's panties smelled and felt so I would also sniff them and rub them on my young dick, not really knowing why but just knowing it felt good. And looking at the magazines, which had a lot of hardcore sex pictures, I knew what my parents must be doing but I was too young to know how it felt but everyone in the pictures seemed to be having fun. I did this during my pre-teen years.

Now, you have to understand that my mother had me when she was 19 and she was fairly young. She is about 5'4', not too thin and not too chubby but she had nice big tits and a big, beautiful ass. Her ass is the first thing everyone noticed and I heard a number of my dad's friends mention it when they thought I couldn't hear them. I used to always walk into my mom's room, whenever I could, to 'accidentally' see her naked and I saw her big, beautiful boobs a number of times but never saw her fully naked.

Then we moved to a bigger house and one day, while home alone, I was looking for something in our den and I went through these cupboards that we had and in the back was an unlabelled plain brown cardboard box. In it was a stash of hardcore porn magazines. But what really caught my eye was a big, manila envelope because in it was a bunch of pictures of my mom getting fucked!! I couldn't believe it. So many close-up pictures of her getting fucked in every way imaginable and I finally could see her beautiful pussy and sexy ass. My dad obviously loved taking pictures while fucking my mom and I am so thankful he did.

Whenever I was home alone, particularly during summer vacation, I would take out these pictures of my mom and jack off imagining it was me fucking her. Mom's pussy looked like it was swallowing up my dad's cock. And the close ups of my dad fucking my mom's sexy asshole turned me on like you wouldn't believe. I wanted her ass so bad. I used to use my mom's dirty panties from the hamper to jack off into and when I was ready to cum, I would use the pictures my dad took of him cumming on my mom's face, tits or ass or the close up creampie pictures of my mom's pussy, dripping with his cum. I would cum in my mom's panties crying out 'Oh, Mom, make me cum, make your son cum'. I enjoyed and miss those days.

I don't know if my mom ever found out I did that but I used to save some of my favorite pictures and hide them in-between my mattress and box spring and one day they disappeared and I found them back in the envelope in that box but no one said anything to me. I continued to jack off to them for a few more years but always put them back after that. I always wished I could take my own pictures with her and enjoy her body.

Now that I'm now in my 40's, I wish I still had those pictures so I could still be masturbating to my mom's pictures.



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