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Picture Perfect

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As I was driving Aunt 'Marge' home, I glanced down quickly. Her simple dark blue dress was about midthigh, her legs crossed at the ankles. She was wearing matching high heels. Once again, as I shifted, I shifted in my seat as well, because of the bulge in the front of my pants. The three hour drive back to her house from the airport was an exciting one for me, since Marge was wearing the same dress and gold brooch she wore in the picture at her home. In the picture she was looking up at the camera, surrounded by her kids, and my late uncle standing behind her. Her legs were tucked under her, the dress exposing those legs that had inspired more than a few late night jackoff sessions in my youth, ever since I saw it, and felt a rush of lust. Since then, I had pursued older women as bed partners, and was reasonably successful. Having something of a predatory nature, I was always on the lookout for new 'victims.' After the first hour on the road, I had already decided that I was going to try to seduce my aunt. The Christmas a few months before, I had caught Marge under the mistletoe, and kissed her. The look on her face told me she wasn't displeased at my boldness.

Since traffic had become busy, I kept my eyes on the road more than on Marge's legs, and entertained myself with the image I had of the photo. I asked Marge if she was hungry, and she said not really, but that I should pull into a rest stop just so we could stretch. I found one about 5 miles later and pulled in. It was starting to get dark, and there was no one there. In an hour, the rest stop would be closed, but in the meantime we were able to use the rest rooms, and get a drink of water.

I watched Marge walk at the rest stop while I sat on the hood of the car. I enjoyed how she strode like a woman taller than her 5'2' height, stretching the dress above her lovely knees. I was also enjoying the sound her high heels made on the pavement as she walked. I find that sound very erotic.

When she came back to where I was sitting, she asked me what we could do. She wasn't anxious to get back home to her teenagers, and she wasn't hungry. I said we could find a movie in the nearby town. She said that she was tired of sitting.

Jokingly, (half-jokingly, really), I said, 'Maybe we could make out.'

She looked at me. 'Are you serious?' I felt that I had fucked up hugely.

'Don't say things like that if you are kidding.' She kept looking at me.

Thinking that I had already messed up badly by making such a joke, and deciding, 'in for a penny, in for a pound', I said, 'No, Marge. I'm not kidding. You are wearing the same dress in the picture you have at home, looking as perfect here as you did there, with your sexy legs on display. That picture has always made me horny for you.'

She was still looking at me intently. 'Are you horny for me now, X?'

'Yes, Marge. I am.

'Then come here and kiss your aunt, dear nephew.'

I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She kissed back with just as much passion. I slid my hand down her back to her ass, knowing that the only things she was wearing were pantyhose and a bra, and one of those was coming off.

'Quick, take me into the bathroom. I don't care which one.' We hustled into the women's bathroom, my thinking that if another car came it would probably be a man, especially as it was getting dark.

We continued kissing each other, my hands running over Marge's body, her hands exploring the front of my pants. I wanted to fuck her, and said so, but she said 'No.' There's no time. We'll get caught, and besides there's no comfortable place to lie down. I want to get off just as much as you, X, but the only thing we have time for is masturbation.'

Bowing to the logic of the moment, I unzipped Marge's dress. Letting it fall forward, I unclipped her bra. She stepped out of the dress, now wearing only her pantyhose and heels, her small but firm tits staring me in the face, their nipples erect. I spun her around, pulling her close to me. I kissed her neck, feeling her hand come up to hold my head there. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, then slid one hand down to her pantyhose.

I worked quickly. I pushed my hand into the waistband, found her pubic hair, slid farther down to the wetness I was seeking. I found her clit, and still nuzzling her, playing with her nipple, I stroked it as fast as I could. She groaned, and bucked, and I felt her wetness increase as she came. We got her back into her bra and dress, but just as I zipped her up, getting ready for my turn, a car came in. It was the guys who serviced the rest stop. We came out of the women's room before they saw us, and when they did, one of them said, 'Sorry folks, but we have to lock up the rest stop for the night.' We said no problem, said good night to them, and walked holding hands to my car.

When we got inside, Marge leaned over and kissed me hard. 'Sorry, X, but looks like you'll have to stop at your place first if I'm going to take care of you before you take me home. I hope you don't mind. I'll make it as sweet for you as you did for me, I promise.'

I didn't mind at all.



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