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Piano Lesson In Bed (part 3)

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My brother Michael submitted back in March. Here's my version of a totally different encounter.


I get along with my brother quite well. You probably already know that if you've read Piano Lesson In Bed, parts 1 and 2. The fact that we share a love of the piano is only part of our closeness. In any case, I love him a lot but he isn't as detail oriented as I am. He left a few key details out of his stories. I will fill them in some day, but I'd like to tell you about a totally different encounter right now. It still involves the daughters of our piano teacher, Mrs. H, but it also includes our piano teacher as well.

This happened in late June '05 and I wanted to give it a little time to sink in before I submitted it to Solo Touch. It's been three months and I'm now ready to give every little hot, sexy, lustful detail. After all, I've had three months to mull this encounter over in my dirty little mind, so here it goes. Before I start I should add, my piano teacher doesn't teach from mid-June to mid-August, so we had all afternoon to do what we did, without any interruptions. I should also add, my pussy is so wet right now that I'm not sure that I'm going to get through the telling of this story without having to jill. Sitting here at the computer totally naked probably isn't helping matters much. My brother being in the other room isn't helping either.

Anyway, Lisa and Laura are the daughters of Mrs. H, our piano teacher. I am really good friends with Laura, who is my age (18), and Lisa, who is a year older, the same age as my brother. I just learned that both Lisa and Laura are very close to their mother. Now, this isn't really a revelation, but the fact that they tell her everything is. Yeah, if you're thinking that she told her about our hot and sweaty little foursome between the sheets, then you'd be correct. I couldn't believe it when Laura shared that little piece of news with me and was immediately flustered when she told me. I had had a few lessons since those first two encounters and can only wonder what Mrs. H thought as she was giving me my lessons. She had also told me that her, Lisa and her mom had some hot and sweaty threesomes between the sheets. My fluster didn't last long, not after hearing that erotic little detail. My pussy became wet within seconds and I was becoming aroused at just the thought of it. After all, our piano teacher is extremely attractive. Michael had told me on many occasions that he masturbates while fantasizing about her, and what's not to like. She is about 5'8', with beautiful red hair, skin to die for and a figure that I can only hope to have when I'm 45, roughly speaking. Although, she doesn't look 45. Mrs. H has a very youthful look. I wonder why? She's divorced, but having two beautiful daughters that keep her sexually active is probably what helps her stay so young.

Anyway, I was in Laura's room one afternoon listening to CD's when Mrs. H came in and sat next to me on the bed. I was lying on my stomach reading the liner notes to the CD we were listening to. I was wearing a thong and some loose fitting shorts and a skimpy tank top that showed a lot of skin. I wasn't wearing a bra and my semi-erect nipples were very stimulated for some reason. Mrs. H had just come out of the shower and had a cotton bathrobe rapped around her still somewhat wet body. Her hair was dry so she must have worn a shower cap. She put her hand on my left thigh and asked me how my summer was going. 'Okay,' I replied, very aware that her warm hand was lingering on my thigh. It was very soft. I wanted to tell her that and ask her what type of body lotion she used, but my brain was total mush, and I was totally aroused. I looked over at Laura and she just smiled back. Mrs. H then asked, 'how's Michael?' 'He's okay,' I replied. I wanted to say that he was probably at home jerking off to the thought of you, but I held my tongue. She smiled and started to get up. She could tell that I was uncomfortable.

As she started toward the door, she stopped, turned back and said, 'you know Michelle, if you feel uneasy about me knowing about your little encounter with my two daughters, don't be.' My face must have been beet red. She added, 'if you ever want to talk about it, please let me know. Exploring your sexuality is very healthy.' I so much didn't want her to leave so I shot back, 'you really don't mind?' She came back in the room, sat back on the bed and replied, 'ohhh, no honey, exploring your sexuality is very healthy, not to mention very stimulating for me when Laura shares all the nasty details with me.' I wasn't sure, but I thought that that may have been an invitation. She licked her lips and continued. 'You are four, very responsible adults and what you do in the privacy of the bedroom is between you four. I think it's beautiful.'

I replied, 'I think it's beautiful what you and your daughters do, too.' At this point my pussy was dripping. I turned on my side to face Mrs. H, exposing a very noticeable wet spot between my legs. She looked down at my crotch and then at me and replied, 'I see that all this talk is having a very dramatic effect on you.' The wanting look on my face must have said it all because I don't remember answering her. What I do remember is her standing up, reaching down to unloose the wrap to her robe, and letting the rope fall open. It didn't open much, but enough for me to know that I was about to experience something very beautiful. I then remember Laura gently sliding onto the bed, reaching around to touch my breasts, and then kissing me on the cheek. I just closed my eyes, rolled over on my back, preparing myself to let them have their way with me.

Laura cleared the CD's off the bed, undressed and then with the help of her mom, proceeded to undress me. I could smell Mrs. H's perfume and body lotion. There was also another scent in the air and it wasn't man made. It was the distinct smell of cunt and it was strong, almost overpowering, but very nice and very stimulating. I hadn't opened my eyes while I was being undressed but I opened them shortly after. I didn't want to miss the unveiling of Mrs. H's robe, and she was just about to, but before she did, she whispered into my ear, 'you are very beautiful Michelle. Please call me Lucy, at least while were intimate. Okay sweety?' I looked into her face, which was inches from mine, and smiled. I was speechless and she knew it. She closed the gap between us and our lips connected. Wow! It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Don't get me wrong, I love locking lips with Lisa and Laura, but this was something altogether different, almost forbidden, and it felt awesome. It was so sensual and I didn't want it to stop. Lucy stood up, producing a look of disappointment on my face and she responded, 'don't worry sweety, I'm just getting a little more comfortable.' And with that she slid the robe off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. I followed it all the way to the floor, taking in every last inch of Lucy's body, and let me say this, it is perfect. I'm just guessing, but according to my distorted view at the time, I'd say she is 36 by 28 by 38. Her breasts are very round and perky, with equally perky nipples. She doesn't sunbathe so her skin is milky white, but very sexy. Who says you have to have a tan to be sexy? Her being a red head probably has something to do with her untanned body. I should add though, she doesn't need one. Her body is perfect from head to toe. Even her bushy cunt hairs are sexy. I like thin to bare pussies, like Lisa's and Laura's, but at least hers was trimmed neatly. It's probably the first bushy cunt that I can honestly say I wouldn't shave. Those red bushy cunt hairs still invade my mind at bedtime. I've jilled to the thought of them many times since. If fact, I just jilled as I was writing this paragraph. I'm definately going to have to go back and proof read this one.

Anyway, once she was completely naked, she climbed back on the bed, threw one leg over me and laid down on top me. Our bodies touched and shivers ran down my spine. I may have even quivered, prompting her to run her soft, luscious hands up and down my arms a few times to settle me down. She caressed my tits a few times for good measure.

The heat coming from our bodies was intense. Her nipples rubbing against mine was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced. Her mid-section hovered above mine and I held my breath waiting for our pussies to touch. She was definately teasing me and I was loving every minute of it. She kissed me again, this time letting our tongues dance together for a good long time.

It was about this time that I started to wonder where Laura had drifted off to, only to feel her tongue gently exploring my right ear seconds later. She whispered, 'enjoying yourself? I told you we were going to have a lot of fun today.' I did recall her saying that on the phone earlier, but I had no idea what she had meant at the time.

Lucy moved to my other ear, dipped her tongue in a few times and whispered, 'if you like inverted chords, then you're gonna love this next inversion that I'm going to show you.' With that said, she turned her body around and slowly moved her pussy over my face, just far enough away that I couldn't reach it, and just enough to tease the hell out of me. I was sure that I was covered head to toe with gooses bumps. In any event, Lucy relaxed her legs, bring her pussy down directly over my mouth. I didn't hesitate, moving my nose in to get a close-up sniff of a very strong smell of snatch. Anyway, I was hoping that some rules would be broken later that day, but when I felt Lucy reach up and start fingering my swollen cunt, I knew that I would get to feel wet all over my clit. I'm sure that she had a lot of practice on Lisa and Laura, and as far as I was concerned, she could get as much practice on my horny little snatch as she wanted. Unfortunately, it was going to happen.

Anyway, as if things weren't hot and sweaty enough, I sensed that Laura was right above me. When I opened my eyes I couldn't believe what I saw. Laura's face was right above mine, her finger going to town on her mom's asshole. The moans coming from Lucy told me that she was enjoying having her cunt and asshole stimulated. They were being very well attended to, as was my pussy. After seeing that, I wanted the same. I let out a short, 'oh yeah, do that hole.' Laura responded, 'you want my finger in your hole, too?' I replied, 'no, I want Lucy's.' A smile appeared on her face and the three of us moved into a new position, with Laura and me in the 69 position, her on her back with me on top and my ass pointing toward the end of the bed. This gave Lucy full access to my hole and she wasted no time at all in shoving her finger up my tight anal cavity. Laura and I fingered each other in a very awkward position, after all, the 69 position was for licking, not fingering, but I knew the rules.

I'll be honest though, I wasn't disappointed. Yeah, I wanted more than just a fingering, but having an older, extremely hot, more experienced women pleasuring my clit all afternoon really wasn't something to complain about.

In any case, my brother and Lisa showed up later in the afternoon, but that's a story for another time. Maybe he'll let me tell that one, too. Really, be honest. Let us know who describes things better. I think that I give more details but I'm sure that he would disagree. I'd love to hear your comments. And Mrs. H, I hope you read this. If you do, please tell me. I want you to know how much you mean to me. My piano lessons will never be the same again. All I know is that you can keep me late after my lesson any time you want. I'm sure Michael feels the same way. You've taught us so much, and I'm not talking about finger exercises...or maybe I am.



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