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Physical Therapy

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Unbelievable but absolutely true.


My neighbor, Vince, who lives across the street is a retired physical therapist who still works part time at home. His patients are referred by his previous practice when they need to offload the simpler cases in favor of more complicated (meaning better paying) ones. He generally works in the mornings only. His wife is very active volunteering in the community and is often away from home.

I am a retired widower living alone and good friends with them both. We often drop in to each other's houses for a chat over coffee or brandy.

Our neighboorhood is very well kept and there are several growing families on our street. The kids are often seen walking to and from each other's houses and playing outside.

One day I noticed a particular 18 year old girl coming down the street, which is not uncommon, but this day she had a limp and went up to Vince's porch and rang the doorbell. He opened the door and let her in.

That evening he and I were sitting on his porch sipping our drinks and I asked him what that was all about. He told me she had pulled a hamstring and came over to have it stretched out. Next day I noticed the same thing happen and this time also happened to see her leaving about an hour later. I watched this go on for several days running, always when his wife was away.

One evening after about a week, I asked him how the hamstring was going and he said it was getting better. I sensed he was being evasive. I said "C'mon Vince, what's really going on? Don't leave me conjuring up all sorts of false fantasies."

He said that she liked the hamstring sessions and wanted to continue. I said "The full story, Vince, and no bullshit this time."

So he broke down and told me that the first session had caused the girl to have her first orgasm and she keeps coming back for more. I asked how that was possible and he wasn't exactly sure but figures she became aroused from the stretches he was subjecting her to and being a young hormonally charged female being massaged and manipulated by an older experienced male in charge, it just happened.

"That may very well have happened the first time as you said, but I don't believe it would keep happening on repeat visits" I said.

He said I was right and that he employs more traditional techniques now to get her off. "Like what?" I asked. I wanted to hear the details.

He told me that he masturbates her, plain and simple, and she loves it. "More Vince, I want all the details."

So he told me in detail what happens. When she comes over, he has her strip, lie on the massage table and cover herself with a towel which he leaves there for that purpose. When she is ready, she calls him in. He administers some therapeutic massage to her legs, working from the calves and gradually rising higher toward her crotch and spreading her legs as he goes. By that time she is breathing more heavily and her eyes would be closed. He massages around her pussy for a while gradually focusing his attention on her clit and lips. Then he goes into full clitoral massage with one thumb while inserting a finger or two of his other hand into her. She cums quite quickly after that.

Then he told me at the most recent session (earlier that same day), he left only a small face towel for her to cover up with. She placed it across her hips, leaving her chest exposed. During the pre-masturbation session, he massaged not only her legs but her titties as well. Seeing her positive reaction to it, he continued massaging her tits while masturbating her.

I told him to stop playing with me, that I didn't believe any of it. I just figured he was making that up to impress me or make me envious. He said it's absolutely true. I persisted in telling him to knock it off and tell me the real truth. He said "Look, come over tomorrow at 12:30 and you can watch." I was incredulous and said I was going to call his bluff.

Next day I went over and fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. He let her in. On seeing me, she looked apprehensive but he told her I was training to fill in for him during his upcoming vacation trip. He assured her it's all professional and to think of me as a doctor, same as himself. She seemed to relax. He, well we, both presented a professional appearance, dressed in medical scrubs and white lab coats.

So we both left the room while the girl stripped down and got ready, then she called for us to come in. I acted nonchalantly, while inside I was pleasantly shocked at seeing her lying naked on his table. I sat in the chair by the wall and I can tell you everything he said would happen really happened.

Over the next few days, my "training" had progressed from merely observing to hands-on practice. We steadfastly maintain professional propriety during these sessions. I wear three pairs of tighty-whities to keep my hard-on from showing. Her face, rhythmic body motions and vocalizations while in the throes of her orgasms are devastating to behold. My nightly masturbation sessions haven't been this rewarding or pleasurable, or this frequent, since I was a teenager.



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