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Physical Therapist Surprise

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I always thought stories of big penises were just porn hyperbole.


I am a Licensed Physical Therapist, helping people recover following injuries. I was working with one young guy, we'll call him Dick, who had a bad sprain that was healing nicely until he overdid his recovery routine and picked up some tendinosis (chronic inflamation) of the Achilles tendon.

The treadmill was now too high-impact for warmups, so I put him on the stationary bike. After only a few minutes on the bike I could tell he was having trouble. His form was terrible, with his knees splayed and his legs at an unnatural angle. I tried to correct him, but he got this sheepish grin and blushed, saying he couldn't do it that way with this saddle.

Puzzled, I asked him what was wrong with it. He lowered his voice and said that with his legs together, it didn't give him enough room 'down there.' With all the fit PTs in their tight outfits, he was getting a bit aroused and his genitals were getting beat up.

I wondered if this was a line. I'm not unattractive, and my work clothes do show off my figure to advantage. It's not unknown for the guys to make a pass at me.

I know guys like to brag, and this guy always wore baggy sweats, so if he was really well endowed I wouldn't have been able to tell. I just gave him my best sceptical smirk.

He lowered his head and said that he was sorry if he'd said something inappropriate, and that he'd never have said anything if it hadn't really been a bit painful.

He did need a way to warm up, so I tried adjusting the seat, but he seemed genuinely distressed. By now I was getting curious, so I asked what he meant when he said he needed more room down there. How much?

'Let's just say I get a reaction from anyone who sees me naked,' he answered.

'Yeah, right,' I responded. 'I've heard variations on that line before.'

'Look. I don't want any trouble. You believe what you want,' he said.

I couldn't let it go now, so I said, 'Come with me,' and I led him to one of the massage therapy rooms. I closed the door behind us and pulled the curtain between the massage table and the door. 'All right, big boy. Show me,' I challenged.

'Are you serious?' he asked.

'You bet,' I responded. 'You can't make a claim like that and expect me to ignore it.'

'Okay. You asked me to. But don't go claiming I flashed you.'

'Stop stalling,' I replied.

At that, he hooked his thumbs around the elastic of his sweat pants and lowered the to his ankles. He was wearing a jock strap, and it did indeed look very full. Then he reached down and pulled the pouch aside.

I have some experience, and I've seen some porn that featured some pretty heavy equipment but his penis was the size of a kielbasa, thicker than my wrist. Flaccid, it reached almost to his knees. His testicles were like hen's eggs, dangling low in his scrotum.

'You can close your mouth now,' he said with a grin.

I was unaware I was staring open-mouthed at his gigantic organ.

'Uh, you can put it away now,' I said. 'You convinced me.'

I thought for a minute about his problem with the bike, and got an idea. 'Look,' I said, 'we can't do anything about this here, but I have an idea. Can you come this evening to our other studio? There's a recumbent bike there that might help you.'

He agreed, and after he left, I went to the senior PT (I'll call her Pam) and told her about the problem, and my idea. Pam is a bit wild, and when she heard my description of his equipment, her eyes lit up. 'I gotta see that!' she insisted.

So when Dick showed up that evening there were the two of us PTs there to greet him. I introduced her to him, explaining that she needed to observe the problem and make the call as to whether the recumbent was the answer. I couldn't help noticing that she'd changed into a different outfit, a sexier one that clung more tightly to her curves, which are more generous than mine.

Dick was not shy this time, and quickly unveiled his startling endowment. I don't know if it was Pam's outfit, but this time his penis looked even bigger. It was fuller, and its shaft was lifted slightly away from the pillow of his scrotum. It was uncircumcised and the tip of its head, which had been hidden beneath his prepuce when I had first seen it, peaked out, shining, from the ring of skin that wrapped it.

'Oh, wow!' Pam exclaimed. Her hand reflexively reached toward it, and then she jerked it back. Then, half to herself, 'If it's that big soft . . . .'

Dick was enjoying the attention. He told us later that he'd once been a stripper, to work his way to an IT degree. Anyway, he swung his hips a little to make the huge sausage swing from side to side. 'If you really want to know . . . . '

'Yeah,' Pam murmured. He looked at me. I nodded.

'Then show me,' he said with a wider grin, starting to remove the rest of his clothes.

Pam reached for her shoulder strap, and I pulled my 'T' up over my head. In seconds we were all three naked as newborns.

My nipples hardened under his gaze, and I was starting to get wet in the crotch. My tits are small but hard. Pam has bigger breasts than mine but are still pretty firm. Seeing our nude bodies had the desired effect, and his monster penis began to rise, and the pinkish head slid farther out of its wrapper. I am not exaggerating to say it looked to be a foot and a half long.

Pam reached out again, and he nodded. Her hand went around his penis shaft about as far as it would have around a milk bottle. The organ was growing steadily harder, settling with a slight pulse just above horizontal, as though its weight prevented it from rising farther. Prominent veins popped out all over its surface.

I could not hold back, but placed my hand above Pam's on the shaft. It was hot in my hand, hard as a log under its soft skin, pulsing with suppressed energy. A bead of pre-ejaculate appeared in the deep cleft of the shining glans.

Pam placed her other hand above mine, just below his now-exposed penis head, and I gently fondled his loose low slung scrotum, moving his testicles around in the soft sac.

Just then I felt a hand lightly caressing my pussy lips. I looked down and he was groping both our pussies. I was now oozing lubricant, so his large middle finger had no trouble slipping into my vulva.

He began rotating his hips, thrusting his gigantic organ up and down through our hands.

His glans penis appeared and disappeared as his foreskin unwrapped and rewrapped it. It seemed to glow as it swelled to the size of a ripe plum.

I felt his fingers sliding over my clitoris and knew I was close to orgasm.

Dick was thrusting with abandon now, with his head thrown back. 'I'm gonna come!' he announced, and a short white spurt flew out of the lower part of the long slit deep in the cleft of his penis head. Another thrust, and another spurt, this time full force and split into two streams, merging in the air and splattering on the floor twelve full feet away, accompanied by a groan from Dick.

I squeezed his penis shaft as well as I could with my small hand, pulling his foreskin back in concert with Pam, again exposing the full glory of his perfectly shaped crested helmet. A second strong double stream flew out. Again we stroked the giant engorged penis, and again it shot its stream. Four more streams of pearly white semen we coaxed from his hot swollen member, then a drip or two.

He slowly recovered his composure, and resumed his attentions to our needs. With various techniques, some not covered in a site on masturbation, he managed to get us both off three times, and we returned the favor, milking his huge penis one more time before we got down to the original purpose of his appointment.

With his consent, word got around the studios, and there was a steady demand among the female staff (and one guy!) for after-hours sessions after that first one. We were all very disappointed when he got better and stopped coming.



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