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Physical Exam

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I come here to find other's stories to beat off to. This is my new most favorite story and it happens to be true!


I had a physical done the other day and this is what happened.

The nurse brought me into an exam room and did the usual height, weight, temperature and blood pressure readings. She hands me a gown and tells me to undress and the doctor will be right in. I stood up and removed my clothing and put on the gown. The gown tied in the back, up near the neck and down around mid back area. I attempted to get the neck area tied up but could not find one of the strings. I gave up and got the mid back tied to where it stayed closed. The doctor came in and we talked about family history and current ailments, the normal banter.

She then says she wants to look at my ears, nose and mouth. She then proceeds to untie my mid back area and spreads open the back of the gown and I feel her hand caress over my back in a sweeping motion. She then asks me to lie back on the table and continues with her exam pressing and palpating different areas. She then asks me to sit up and as I do the gown falls off my shoulders and nearly falls into my lap. The gown keeps falling off my shoulders as we talked about the exam and 'does this hurt?' 'does this?' She then listens to my heart and lungs, still all the while the gown keeps falling off my shoulders.

She then asks me to stand up with both feet on the floor. She then says she would like to check for hernia and testicular cancer and says I can drop my shorts, if wearing any, and raise the gown. Since I wasn't wearing any underwear I simply raised the gown with both hands to my waist area and the gown falls off my shoulders again. I attempted to replace the gown over my shoulders with one hand while holding the gown up with the other. She sits in her doctor chair and is a mere 10 inches from my balls. She inspects and probes for hernia signs and then starts to massage my testicles in her palmed hand using her finger and thumb. The gown falls down again, I attempt to place it back on my shoulders.

She asks if I perform a monthly exam on myself. When I reply that I in fact do she asks if I have ever noticed any lumps or abnormalities. I tell her that I thought I had felt a lump at the bottom of my left testicle and she says to show her where. As I release one hand to point it out the gown falls off my shoulders again! At this point I am so pissed off with the gown I stop my pointing out and remove the entire gown and place it on the exam table behind me. I am now 100% naked standing in front of my doctor, who is sitting eye level with my cock and balls. She makes a comment that she is sorry about the faulty gown. I reply with I hope you don't mind, to which she understood after all that fixing she would have done the same thing.

I mean come on, she has seen just about everything anyway, what's the difference at this point? So I am standing there naked as the day I was born, the doctor in her chair asking me to point out the supposed lump. I point at the bottom left testicle and she asks me to locate it for her. So I grab my own testicle and roll it around my fingers like I do at home. Here I am playing with myself in front of a female doctor. I find the lump and hold my finger over it and she takes over. She then asks if I have one on the other side. Not that I am aware of. So she holds my left testicle in one hand and massages the other one with her other hand and compares the two.

This scene made me incredibly horny. Here I had a female doctor, not bad looking and a bit younger than I am holding my testicles in her hands and staring at them like it was some kind of foreign object she just discovered. I started to feel the blood rush in to my cock just as she released my balls and pushed her chair back. She then proceeded to talk to me about what she found, more than likely, not cancerous but wants me to keep an eye on them and if things get harder, bigger or I grow increasing concerned I can come back in for a follow up with a specialist. All the while I stand there naked in front of her sitting in her chair.

She then says she is sorry, that I can put the gown back on, she will leave the room while I get dressed and she will be back in a minute. As I am listening to her I am not moving, (why put on the gown to take it off and put my clothes back on?) I do not reach for the gown or turn around and she stands and opens the door enough for her to exit. As she does there is a nurse out in the hallway that says, 'oh there you are, your 4 o'clock called and said.....' all the while the door remained open and I stood there naked. I know the nurse saw me as she tilted her head and had the look on her face like she was wondering what was going on in there.

I went home, and relived this exam in my head, getting harder by the minute. I could not take it anymore and beat off with the largest load of cum as my final reward. I had always fanaticized about being in a situation where I would be naked in front of someone that was clothed and a professional. Here it happens to me and turns me on to an extent I had never felt before.

I wonder if any of my other fantasies come true will I be as turned on as I am today?



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