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Physical Exam

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Several years ago I worked for a large industrial type firm. They were so large that they had their own medical department with doctors and nurses on staff. Their primary purpose was to take care of minor medical emergencies and to look out for the physical welfare of the employees. One of the benefits of working there was a free yearly physical exam.

When time came around for my physical I reported to the medical building as I had done so many times before. Prior to seeing the doctor I went through the usual regime of giving specimens, having blood drawn and being x-rayed. All pretty routine stuff. Then I went into the exam room to wait for the doctor.

Now all of you know how long you have to wait sometimes for the doctor to come in. So I sat there and waited and waited. Eventually Dr. Thompson came in to finish my exam. Right away I noticed that there was something different about this doctor. Dr. Thompson was no gentleman. In fact, the doctor was no man at all. Dr. Thompson was a woman! She was mid thirtyish and had auburn hair that was put up on her head. She also wore glasses that framed a pair of hazel eyes. From what I could see under her lab coat she had a tantalizing figure.

The doctor conducted the examination with professionalism. She asked about my family's medical history. She examined my eyes, ears and throat. Then she had me unbutton my shirt so she could listen to my chest. I have to say that being so close to this attractive woman who was paying so close attention to my body was not an unpleasant experience, even if she were the doc.

The examination proceeded smoothly up until the moment for the routine hernia test. That's the one where the male has to drop his pants and is told to turn his head and cough while the doc's finger is pressed up into his scrotum. At that moment I really wished that we could skip that part of the exam because I had no desire to have to expose myself to this strange lady, even if she were a doctor. But I had no choice.

So I undid my pants and pushed them down along with my undershorts thus exposing my penis and balls. The doctor was then ready to do her thing as I stood baring my private parts and blushing. As the doctor turned her gaze upon my exposed penis I could feel it start to stir and spring to life and then begin to rise of its own free will. There was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. Talk about being embarrassed!! I suppose it was the closeness of this pretty lady doctor and the fact that I was exposing my cock to her that did it. Anyway, I couldn't stop it even if I'd wanted to.

Dr. Thompson noticed my problem right away (how could she help but). So I tried to apologize for it. But, there was no way I could cover it up. She still had to perform the test on me. Only now she had to manoeuver around my full blown erection.

Doctor Thompson seemed completely unmoved by the site of my erect penis there, standing up at attention and boldly staring her in the face. Then the nice doctor told me not to worry about it and that no apologies were necessary. She also told me that this sort of thing happens all the time and that she would take care of it for me. Hmm I thought, this could be interesting.

Then before I knew it the doctor had her hand wrapped around my stiff cock. Oh my! This was a surprise! Maybe she was going to jerk me off to relieve my predicament. Is that what she meant when she said she would take care of it? That would be really nice!!!! I looked down with keen anticipation and I could see my penis head sticking out from the encirclement of her dainty hand. Was I now going to be masturbated by a perfect stranger? I could hardly wait!! If anything my cock got harder. Then doctor Thompson drew her other hand up to my cock head and with a single motion gave it a good hard thump with her finger. Before I knew it my cock was deflating like a balloon that had just been stuck with a pin. In short order it was limp and hanging there lifeless. I have to admit too that I was somewhat disappointed.

'Works every time'. Doctor Thompson said as she observed my now limp dick. With my 'problem' thus solved she turned her attention to conducting the remainder of my physical exam. I was so hoping for a hand job.

Later on that day I did get it back up in one of the stalls in the men's restroom. There I was able to give myself the hand job that I had so hoped for in the examination room. As I masturbated I thought about the good doctor with her delicate hand wrapped around my erect penis. Only this time she didn't thump my dick head.

All in all this was somewhat of an embarrassing experience. I'm curious to know if any other guys have had a similar thing happen to them. If so, please respond.



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