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Photos for My Friday Night Girl

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So I've confessed to Solo Touch my lust for Jane, my Friday Night Girl. She's my all-in-one older-woman former babysitter cougar fantasy. Here is another story of the scheming and the dreaming I do about Jane: the day I sent her nude pictures of myself, and lived to tell about it.

It really happened so suddenly, I'm almost amazed by it. One morning I woke up very early, my sheets tented by a throbbing rampant erection that felt like it had been injected with pure cialis. I'd had a wonderful sex dream about Jane, leaving me with an indelible image of her standing by my bed, body curving, her petite breasts slightly swaying, as she reached down to step out of a pair of sheer panties. In my dream I was licking Jane's pussy, and I woke up still feeling her hand softly against the back of my head. It was as thrilling to recall as it was agonizing to know it never happened. My penis drooled pre-cum. I wanted to get off, but I wanted to share my sexual energy with Jane, somehow. Calling her and masturbating while we chatted was not an option. It was too early in the morning.

Then I got an idea. I opened up my laptop, which has a camera on it, and fired up the photo program. I had to open the blinds and turn on all the lights to let enough light in, but at this point, if the neighbors saw, I didn't care. I took four pictures. My face was not visible, just my torso. In two I am on my knees atop the bed, hands on my thighs, my penis fully in view. The third is a masturbation pose, my right hand running the length of my dick. And the fourth one was shot point-of-view, as if Jane were to look down while we were having sex, my torso looming over her, cock protruding from a sparse nest of pubic hair, penetration imminent.

Here's what I was going to do. I have an ex-girlfriend in another city who is named Jeanie. I was going to pretend like I had taken these pictures for her, and then mistakenly sent them to Jane when the email program automatically populated her address. It would give me suitable enough cover if the pictures freaked her out. After sending them, I would fake a mortified phone call to Jane, but deliberately never asked her to destroy the pictures or the email. Jane indeed assured me everything was OK, that she would not tell anyone.

But, Jane would now have pictures of me, in the nude, hard, and wanting to fuck her brains out. And it was that last thought that was especially appealing-what if Jane saved them? What if she printed them out? What if she masturbated to them?

With one hand stroking my penis I tapped out a quick email to accompany the photos. This too would be key, it would be in first person, breathy, sexual, ready to make love. It could be read as a memory to a past lover, or the fantasy that was now in mind.

-- -

From: [Friday Night Guy]

To: [Jane]

Date: Sat. Sep 13, 2008 at 6:33 AM

Subject: Re: LOVE the DVD

hi jeanie

so I woke up this morning, really, really aroused and before I took care of myself, I just had to take these pictures for you ... hope this reminds you of those times, waking up with me, laying back on my bed and looking down, watching ... as I slowly ... enter you ...

-- -

Heart in my throat, but overwhelmed by lust, I clicked the trackpad to send the message. I was fixated on the idea that these pictures might make Jane cream her panties; that Jane might even pleasure herself to these pictures. Would she? Would she print them out and take them into her bed? I started stroking myself, thinking about her laying there, the pictures in a pile beside her, eyes closed, legs spread, open like a flower, Jane gilding her wet, pink lilly with velvety soft fingertips. I wanted to masturbate with Jane, watch her pleasure herself, ask her who she was thinking about and watch her clamp onto her hand and then shoot my cum all over Jane's beautiful body while she careered through a bodyrocking orgasm.

I was stroking my dick, long and slow, pretending Jane was in the room with me, telling me she wanted to see me cum. 'God I want to fuck you, Jane,' I moaned. I fantasized about her being just as vocal when she masturbates, moaning and writhing in her big bed, telling me she wants to fuck me, that I'm making her cum, too. It pushed me over the edge ...

'Yeah Jane, make me cum, baby,' I said, feeling the surge begin in my shaft, '... ooooh yeah, make me cum ... make me cum baby, yeah, just like that, pussycat ...' My cum blasted out in an a long uncontrollable, rapid ejaculation, hot semen spraying everywhere, landing on my chest and pelvis and coating my left hand.

I checked my email.

-- -

From: [Jane]

To: [Friday Night Guy]

Re: LOVE the DVD

Date: Sat, Sep 13 2008 at 8:28 AM

Is this really for me?

-- -

Oh, yes, Jane, babe, those pictures really are for you. I hope you enjoy them, pussycat.



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