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Photography Fun

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Never knew what could lead from a photograph session!


Hi, my name is John. I have an interest in amateur photography, photographing anything from wildlife to life models. My closest friend, lets call him Dave has been my friend since school days. We've shared all our secrets, well I thought we had until the day in question. Dave is the same age as me, has a regular girlfriend as I have. We go out every weekend as a foursome and have an awesome time in whatever we do.

Recently, Dave confided in me that Sue, his girlfriend is a nudist, and has talked him into going on a nudist holiday with her and her folks. I was thrilled for him, especially when he informed me that when he goes round to her house, they are all naked, and usually he ends up naked too. I was in awe when he told me of the size of her mom's breasts and her pops cock. 'Don't you start to get hard' I quizzed? 'Nah' he answered,'it's all so natural. I could tell that he was getting into this naturist lark and was quite envious, the most I had been naked with anyone was in the shower at high school and at the gym. I was dying to try it myself, but never quite got round to it.

The summer drew on and it was soon time for the said holiday, they were going to the south of France. Two weeks beforehand, Dave asked something of me which I will never forget. 'Hey dude, you know you are a good photographer, would you have any objections to taking some nude shots of me'? He looked sheepish, not knowing my reaction. He needn't have worried as I have taken many nude photos of both men and women. 'No problem bud, just say when and where'. The date was set for the following Saturday, and I was looking forward to it for some strange reason.

Saturday arrived and Dave came round as arranged. I had been setting up in my small studio when he said, 'no, not here, up in the hills where there will be no-one around'. 'Fine' I said as I started to pack my equipment, and felt a tingling in my other equipment. We loaded the car and drove up the valley for about fifteen minutes when we reached a large wooded area. Dave said to stop as this would be perfect. We unloaded the car and set off from the road into the wood when we reached a large clearing, totally alone. 'This is the spot' said Dave as he began to undress. I started to set up whilst having sly looks at Dave. We had been friends for years, but I had never seen him naked. This was about to change. He removed his shirt revealing a broad chest with a slight dusting of dark brown hair leading down into his jeans. Next to go were his trainers then finally, down came the jeans. He threw them to one side and stood there completely naked-he was not wearing any underwear. His legs were long and quite hairy, but what a sight his cock was-about seven inches long and shaved. 'Wow' I said, 'you sure are a big boy' He grinned. 'how big is Sues dad then if you think he's bigger than you'? 'About 9-10' he answered. 'Jees' I replied and told him to adopt some poses which he did. I snapped away for about 10 minutes in the summer heat which was making me start to sweat a bit. Dave reclined his long hairy body on a log which I thought was a good pose and got some good shots including some good close-ups. Dave then shouted to me as he could see I was quite hot 'hey dude, why don't you join me. There is no-one else around and you look like your sweltering'. 'What, me strip off' I answered, 'here'? 'Yeah' Dave answered 'we're all boys together ain't we'? I laughed and agreed. What was the point of staying clothed?

I immediately started to remove my clothes to a round of applause by Dave as I took my underpants off. I was then as naked as him. He complimented me on my fine physique and cock as I am just slightly smaller than him, but less hairy and with a full bush. This is when I noticed Dave getting ever so slightly bigger in the cock dept, but said nothing about it and carried on taking more photos. I had not realised it, but I was getting quite a semi on with the thrill of being naked in the opeb air when Dave shouted, 'look dude, its catching' He turned round with a full erection, about 9 inches. 'Jees buddy, I bet Sue has fun with that'. That is when I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 'You can too if you want' he said, gently tugging his massive hard cock. The sight of my best friend doing that made my cock point to the sky, and I thought what the hell, why not. I walked towards Dave and gently stoked his hard-on and he reciprocated. 'Nice cock dude' he said, and it was then that he told me he was bisexual and hoped I wasn't offended. I wasn't-we had been through too much to let that bother me. What did bother me was that I was enjoying the experience and wanted to cum with him. We sat on the ground, wanked each other for a while and then lay back and come over each other.

'Does this make me bi'? I asked Dave. 'Possibly' he said, 'but does it matter dude'? I decided it didn't. Dave turned to me and hugged me. I had never received a hug from anyone ever that contained as much affection as that one. We cleaned up and I went to dress, but Dave stopped me. 'Let me take some shots of you' he suggested. I agreed, and they turned out to be some of the best I have had taken. Finally, I used the timer and had some full frontal shots taken of me and Dave together. I was now the nudist as he was.

Finally it was time to leave. We both dressed and agreed that it had been a great afternoon, where we had learned a lot about each other and ourselves. We also agreed that it wouldn't be the last time and that we would be forever jack-off buddies.

I have those pictures of the two of us in a safe place and look at them regularly when I fancy a wank when Dave is not with me.



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