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Learning photography opened un charted doors.


Around 17 I decided I wanted to major in photography. Our neighbor Kim was a photographer for a firm In the big city. I approached her Kim and told her of my plans and she offer to take me under her wings.

For 6 month I developed her film no digital back then, and assembled her albums along with her guidance on my pics.

On day I was as usual developing film and as the pictures developed I was faced with images of naked men and women in various positions and the act of I guess makin love.

I at first was not really interested by them and sort if disgusted by them but as I continued my mind changed an I was seeing then as art instead but they were affecting me .

Yes I was very aroused.

Since the dark room is dark except for the red light I had perfect privacy, I did not have a bf and only had had a couple of dates but nothing happened so I really had never seen a real penis and now I am exposed to what looks like porn - well any way I had to just drop my pants and let it all out.

When I advise Kim that I was done and the pictures were developed she came in to see.

Oh good they turned out great, yes they did I added, Kim said now you are not to tell any one of these, these are private couples and they hire me for personal photography of there love life.

Now she showed me why I was only placing pictures on one side of the album pages, she directed me to place these intimate imaged in he other sides and tape the ends closed so they were secure when mailed out.

My education continued and about a year later she wanted me to model some clothes so I could learn staging and attitude in shots.

She had a studio of set up in one of the bedrooms of this old huge Victorian home, she had stack of clothing for me to try on and as I went to go to the bathroom to change she said no no right here is fine that takes too much time.

Ok I was a little self conscience but ok after a while it was no big deal, the bikini came last and as I changed she did her reloading of film.

As I step up to the platform I heard her say hold on what's that?

Is that hairs?

Oops no no. No let me see as she just sticks her finger in my bikini and oh my that had to go!

Come on and she takes me to the bathroom.

Models are either totally bald or have very short short hair, look as he pulls up her dress to show me her nicely shaven hair ok?

Ok I guess I'll do it I say.

No girl you will cut your self get in the tub, you have a forest down there, as we giggle .

Scissors to get the hair down short and then she says ok lets get the sides shaven, as she applies the shaving cream I am now totally excited as she touches me all over.

All done and then she says my god you are gorgeous that is a money shot, but wait we missed some, she takes more water and spreads my lips to rinse me better as she now had my lips open carefully ringing me out I can feel the water cascading on my button and ooooooooooooaaaahhhhhh as I have a huge orgasm.

Kim says I understand it ok go on but I just look at her and she gets the hint and continues on rinsing me some more.

We went further that night pleasing each other and she explained that she favored both sexes along with introducing me to some toys.

I was now 18 and no interest in men I wanted her and thought I only wanted to be with a woman.

Her friend Jeff which she said often fulfilled her many needs was coming by for a shot of new underware.

Jeff was hot I really liked him but then I was attracted to Kim.

As the shoot wound down Kim told him to drop them and proceeded to continue all of a sudden she calls me over to get next to him ans wanted to use my hands on different poses as she shot close ops of me just pointing a finger .

Ok I thought just don't touch it ok.

Then she said too much residual of your dress, lose the dress, um um um I thought ok I was here to learn.

Ok then she told Jeff get him up and he gave a couple of strokes and up he went.

Now all this time I am sweating with excitement and can barely keep from shaking being so close to a naked man and his tool, I know I was soaking wet down there but some how I did it.

Now Jeff is hard and up like a flagpole, oh my it was gorgeous and huge, well I had never seen one in real life.

Kim continues staging us and then takes my top and wet bottoms off, I am going with the flow .

Turn around, he is behind me, bend over some, and she places him between my cheeks, and his hand comes to my breast, great more shots, Hold

Kim brings a platform for me to stand on ok, move you hips back more more, spread more more, ok

She brings Jeff behind me and positions him between my lips don't touch she says.

As the pictures continue to roll she takes him and brings him in contact with my wet dripping lips and sending shivers up my spine, relax she says as I look down to see this huge head poking past my lips, ok down slowly she says to Jeff as he parts away I hear my juices make a releasing noise, camera continues.

More positions I am losing myself I am putty and enjoying all of this as now I am on my back spread eagle and Jeff positions himself at my opening, Kim ok click click click, on and on, go ahead she tells me you too Jeff he starts to stroke himself I get the hint and went to do myself but then I saw Jeff just start to shoot all over me, click,click,click..... And oh what an orgasm I had instantly.

More happened that night with us three the toys helped prepare me for my first real man and it was wonderful.

The next week Kim has a surprise, she had made me an album, remember pictures should always capture the moment and tell a story.

It was my session with Jeff. It was and still is my most precious album of all. I can see all my facial expressions as I was doing the shoot, clothed and then un-clothed.

Truly a unique look at sensual discovery it was amazing to see myself truly experiencing that event.

Like I was standing next to myself, what fine portraits.



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