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Photo Session With Roomie and His Gf

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This happened my senior year in college. Names are changed to protect the guilty.


My roommate, Gary, and I shared a small house outside Charlottesville, VA. I am bi, but Gary did not know it. He is straight and has a beautiful blonde girlfriend, Linda. She could be a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated. I was an arts major with an interest in photography. Gary was a business major with the body of an elite athlete. I'm not bad myself, but not in his league.

I started earning some money with my camera. Portraits, model portfolios, and the like. I'm a good enough photographer that Gary asked me if I would take some pictures of him and Linda together. Sure, I said, but I wasn't prepared for what came next. He said they really wanted some nude shots of themselves. I couldn't believe my luck! I immediately agreed and said that I hope I wouldn't embarrass myself when I saw Linda nude. He said don't worry about it. She thinks you're cute. If you get hard, she'll 'handle it'.

A few days later we were ready for our photo session. I did some standard portraits and then it was time. Gary and Linda got undressed and I shot several poses. Eventually Gary got hard. He had the biggest dick I have ever seen. I'd guess nine inches and very thick. (I'm an unremarkable six incher.) I'd seen him naked before, but never hard. He was definitely a grower. Linda started stroking him and before long I was hard too. Of course they noticed and Linda suggested that it would be more comfortable for everyone if I got naked too. So I did. Before long I was extremely excited, dripping pre-cum, and rapidly losing interest in photography.

Gary looked at Linda and said 'why don't you take care of that for him, babe?' She walked over and started to stroke me. It was so hot being masturbated by Linda with Gary watching. She motioned for Gary to come over and she stroked us both at the same time. Then came the big surprise. Linda said she wanted to do us together. I said you already are. She said no, I'm doing you at the same time. I want to do you together. How?, I asked. Sit down and put your things against each other and I want to rub them together.

Gary said I'm game if he's game. I was most assuredly game. We sat on the carpet facing each other. He put his legs over mine and around my waist until our dicks were touching. I was almost ready to pass out from pleasure. I was literally shaking. Gary is so much bigger than I am that our dicks together looked like me and mini me. Linda started masturbating us. I don't know what felt better - her hand or his dick rubbing against mine. (Okay, I'll admit it. His dick felt awesome.)

In less than a minute, I said if you don't stop I'm gonna cum. So of course she went faster. I had the most intense orgasm of my life, before or since. My cum drenched her tits, my chest, Gary's chest, her hand and both of our dicks. Pretty much everything within reach. Once our dicks were lubricated with my cum, Gary came too. He didn't shoot as much as I did. I loved feeling his hot dick throb against mine with Linda mixing our cum together over both of us.

After I recovered, I snapped some pics of them doing some other things that go beyond the scope of content allowed on this site. Linda proved to have an almost unbelievable sexual appetite. I won't describe specifically what else we did other than to say it involved sloppy seconds.

Gary and Linda moved to Boston after graduation, so I don't see much of them. We never did anything sexual again. They are getting married soon. I'm invited to the wedding, but someone else is doing the photos. Lucky bastard.

That photo shoot in Charlottesville was the hottest thing I've ever experienced. I love looking at the pictures.



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