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Phone Fun

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I am a British gay girl who loves teasing and masturbating with friends - boys as well as girls. Home by myself on I was feeling turned on, and wished that I could talk to someone about my love of masturbating, and teasing friends, and having a wank with them. The only way was to call a phone service. I thought about this. I looked at the ads in magazine I borrowed from my male friend, and was intrigued by the live callback services when the girl phones you. I decided to try it.

I got my bank card ready, and tried to think about what to say. I felt a bit nervous as I went down and got the phone. I walked back up to my room, and lay down. I dialled the number, and hoped that they would be ok with a girl calling.

The phone rang for a few moments, before it was answered by a friendly sounding woman with a nice voice. She asked me if I wanted to speak to one of their ladies? I answered that I did. I think the receptionist was surprised to hear a female voice. I asked if I was ok calling them, since I am a girl.

“Its ok love” the receptionist replied. “We do get female callers. Now, tell me what sort of lady would you like to speak to?”

I explained that I am gay, but the girl I wanted to speak to did not have to be gay, or bi, but a girl who liked flashing at friends and showing off her body, and masturbating with friends. I explained that I have a girlfriend, but sometimes played with other girls and with boys too.

The receptionist laughed. She assured me that I was ok. She asked me if I wanted to talk to a girl who liked showing her body off, and wanking with friends, or if there was anything else? I told her that I loved using my foot on a male friend’s cock, and would like to talk to a girl who understood the sense of power it gives me. She laughed and said she thought she had exactly the right girl to speak to me.

As I gave my card details, I apologised for being a bit direct. She laughed and asked me if there was anything else I wanted her to tell the girl. I said that I was nude. The receptionist laughed again, thanked me, and told me to wait a few minutes for my call.

I waited. I wondered what the girl would be like. How old would she be? What sort of voice would she have? Would she be straight, gay, or bi? Tall or short? I wished that I had a magazine to look at. I thought about all the fun wanking experiences I had enjoyed with friends. Or the thrill of flashing. I gently stroked my nipples and my pussy lips as I waited.

The phone rang. I picked it up. “Hi, is that Laura?” said a friendly voice. I said that it was. The girl introduced herself as Tara. I said that I had never used this type of service before, so she offered to tell me about herself. As she did so, I thought that she sounded like a straight version of me. She was a similar age to me, quite slim with long brown hair, reasonably large boobs, and she said she was shaven. I asked her if she had any piercings or anything, and she said she had a belly button ring, and wore an ankle chain. I asked her what she had on. Just a dressing gown she replied.

She said that she was in between boyfriends, and had no desire to sleep around, but enjoyed masturbating with guys she was friends with, either letting them watch or letting them finger her. She liked to wank them off by hand, or sometimes with her foot. She said she loved wanking and loved talking to other people who love it.

Tara asked about me. I described myself, told her that I was nude, and told her about Sarah. I told her about how I adore my girlfriend.

I then told her about wanking experiences. How my early sexual experiences were with a guy, although I knew I was gay, where we masturbated in front of each other, and eventually touched each other. I described how I learnt I come use my foot to make him come. Then I described seeing other girls wanking, and the pleasure of being fingered and rubbed by another girl for the first time, then doing the same to her. I told her how my Uni housemates had become wank friends – with a guy who is quite good with his fingers, and loves having my hand or foot rubbing his dick – and a girl who loves watching and being watched, and likes fingering or being fingered.

Tara seemed excited. I asked her if it was normal for her callers to chat about this. She told me that when she had taken the job she told the company that she was keen on taking about masturbation, male masturbation, female masturbation, mutual masturbation, sex toys, and that almost all of her calls were about masturbation. She also loved talking about nudity – and loved hearing from guys who had been teased by female friends flashing at them, or acting out sexy poses. She said she was excited to share a few secrets with guys and girls.

I asked what they were. She replied that this was one – chatting to people about masturbation, nudity, and similar stuff. She also told me about her passion for nudity and flashing at friends, and her love of wanking with friends. She was a good clean living girl, but she loved her body, and loved having a good wank with a friend.

I asked about what sort of calls she normally had. Tara laughed and said that they were varied. She said her first ever call was from a couple who wanted to pretend that she was watching them and having a rub whilst they made love. Tara said she liked talking to the women as her other half made love to her. She said that they were really nice, and spoke to her regularly.

She talked about masturbation fantasies – girls who wanted to pretend that she had caught them wanking and she had flashed at them and make them wank over her, or that she took over and finished them off with her hand. Then they were guys who wanted to pretend they had caught her wanking, and that she made them wank over her, or that she gave them a hand. She mentioned a male caller who she described as really nice, who used to like story of catching his female friend masturbating, and he would describe how his friend had used her foot on him. She loved hearing about experiences of friends wanking together.

I asked her if she had female callers. She said that she did – like from a girl who had been out clubbing and was masturbating in front of a mirror, and wanted to tell someone what she was doing. Another girl had called pretending that they were masturbating next to each other. Other female callers had wanted to talk of having a wank with another woman for the first time, or of masturbating whilst being watched, or of wanking with male friends.

Tara told me that sometimes she spoke to couples. Apart from the lovemaking couple, she had liked speaking to a boyfriend and girlfriend who were saving themselves for marriage, but needed a few tips on how to enjoy each other with their hands, mouths, and her feet. Once or twice she had spoken to two students, and boy and a girl, who were friends who sometimes had a wank together.

Tara seemed to like what she talked about, and liked the people she talked to. I told her about the fantasy that I had that evening, where my female housemate walked in on me wanking in the and I told her to show me her tits and pussy and to wank in front of me, then my male housemate walked in and I made him get his cock out and then wanked him with my foot, and then my girlfriend came in just after they had come and took over, snogged me and made love.

She liked it. She asked me if I was turned on. I was – my nipples were hard, my clit was swollen, and my pussy was wet. Tara asked me to say what she wished she was doing if she was with me.

I thought for a second. I told Tara that I imagined that I had gone out that evening with Sarah and my friends, but that my girlfriend has stayed out with my friends, leaving me to go home by myself. Tara had seen me, and we had a chat, and she walked home with me.

We got home, and I offered Tara a drink. We went inside, kicked off our shoes, and had a drink and a chat. We talked about teasing guys, and I got some of Mike’s magazines to look at the girls in them and their poses. Soon Tara and I were acting out poses, taking our tops off and pretending showing our tits, then we bared our bums and pussies. It was fun pretending to lift me feet into the air for an open leg short, or pretending that Tara was on all fours with her bum and pussy facing me.

I told Tara that I imagined we were both now nude and sitting facing each other. She put the bottom of her feet against me, and we talked about teasing cocks with a foot. My fantasy was that we teased each other with wanking tales. We used our hands to illustrate stories of touching other girls, or guys, and rubbed our feet together. We were teasing each other and seeing who would be unable to resist and start wanking. I pretended that it was me who gave in first, and I described to Tara who I was stroking my pussy lips. She said she was doing the same. We carried on teasing each other, describing to each other what we would be able to see if we were together. We described or pussies to each other, and described what we were doing.

Tara whispered that she wanted to see me putting fingers in me. I slid a couple of fingers inside and gently rubbed my wet pussy, as I described what I was doing. I told Tara I hoped she was doing the same. She described sliding her fingertips up and down her smooth pussy lips and easing a couple of fingers in. As we both wanked, we described what we were doing.

Soon we were both masturbating hard, rubbing our clits as well playing with our pussies. We were both panting now, and I wondered who would come first. I closed my eyes and imagine Tara in front of me, her fingers teasing her pussy. I knew that I was getting close to climax.

I wanked as hard as I could, and held on as long as I could, but I just came. I felt the orgasm sweeping through me.

As I got my breath back I heard Tara having an orgasm. We both laughed. We continued chatting for a few minutes. I told Tara I loved talking to someone else who shared my love of masturbating with friends. She replied that it had been really nice to talk to me.

We wished each other well and said Goodnight.



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