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Phone A Friend!

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One night not to long ago, I called up a friend of mine who I had been flirting with earlier in the day. It was well past midnight, but I thought I had caught her just as she was going to bed. I had phoned her with the oh-so-clever intention of turning her on just a little bit so she would touch herself for me before she fell asleep.

To my surprise, I had phoned too late! She had already gotten off before my call, which seemed to make my phoning her a lost cause, but I quickly turned the situation around. I realized that after a nice little session to herself, she was probably soaking wet, so she would be silly not to take advantage of it.

I turned our conversation to a sexual one and things started heating up very fast. I kept whispering very explicit things to her through the phone line, and I could tell through the continual quickening of her breath that she was already rubbing herself. She was a little shy to admit what she was doing at first, but all of her inhibitions seemed to melt away the more I described what I could be doing to her. I eventually moved to my bathroom and completly stripped myself naked. I explained to her how hard I had become thinking of her perfect pussy and how I wanted to touch her...

After almost an hour of mutual masturbation and VERY naughty words, I was throbbing for release and she was lost in pleasure. I knew that she kept a toy in her dresser drawer, and I requested that she take it out and describe what she does with it. She momentarily hesitated but soon I could hear the dresser open. I listened closley as she told me she was slowly pushing it's entire lenght inside of her. I mimicked this motion with my hand and almost lost it right there.

By now, she was breathing hard and fast into the phone, and then I could hear the sound of the toy being pushed in and out of her. Eventualy, she chose to just thrust the whole dildo inside herself as deep as it would go and leave it there while she worked on her clit. She explained this process in great detail to me and I warned her that much more of this would probably make me explode. Now I was layed out along the floor, pulling my cock slowly but hard, while she rapidly massaged herself.

I knew this would not last much longer, and upon warning her again, she instructed me to cum at the same time as she. At this point, I took control again and started describing to her how I was going to show up at her workplace and fuck her all over the building in every position she could dream up. This was more than enough of a visual for her, and she started cumming as she moaned and whimpered into her phone. This of course was my cue, and I shot a huge load all over my chest and stomach. I listened to her catch her breath for a little while and then she thanked me for such a wonderful goodnight phone call.



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