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Petting With Boyfriend Led to First Orgasm

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Petting With Boyfriend Led To First Orgasm
I just recently found your web site and have really enjoyed it, especially the contributions from readers. I guess it makes me more comfortable that there are other people who like to masturbate a lot like I do.
Well, I suppose I should tell you a little about my experiences for your contributions section. I am a 32 year old woman, not yet married, though quite involved with a wonderful guy. I guess it was at some point in junior high school that I figured out that when I lay on the bed with my hands underneath me and moved them the right way againsy my pussy that it felt good, and that this was called masturbation (I forget where I first actually heard the term). Even though it felt good, I didn‚??t do it long enough, or right enough, to come at that point.
When I was a junior in high school I had my first serious boyfriend. We went through the usual series of kissing, and kissing more, then letting him feel my breasts (more pleasurable than I expected), and eventually letting him rub down between my legs. I didn‚??t want things to get out of hand and would only let him rub though my jeans or panty hose. I was rubbing the front of his pants too, feeling a hard ridge running up the front which I knew was his cock ‚?? but I really didn‚??t know what to do with it. Well, after doing this awhile he started trying to get his hands inside my panties, and started saying things about wanting to love me, and I got a little worried.
I have a sister who is almost four years older than I, who was away at college, but when she came home for spring break I sort of asked her for advice. She told me I shouldn‚??t let him go too far, that if I wasn‚??t careful he‚??d just fuck me and leave me pregnant. She said her advice was to either jack him off or suck him off to keep him happy. I knew the basics of sex, but I really didn‚??t know what she meant either by jacking him off or sucking him off, and so I sort of asked for advice on how to do it best. She gave me a good description of what to do (though sucking him sounded pretty gross at the time), and she also told me it was ok to let him finger fuck me if I wanted to get off too. I wasn‚??t sure about what she meant by that either, expect that it was pretty clear he would use his fingers on my pussy.
About a week later we had gone out to a movie, and then had driven to a favorite makeout spot. We started kissing, and then rubbing, and it felt so good. I decided I should make him happy and so I slid my hand down into his pants, against his skin and felt his cock directly for the first time. I was a little surprised how soft it felt, and as I rubbed it a little I felt some slickness at the end. I slowly unbuttoned his jeans, then slid down the zipper (he moved to make it easy for me) and started to push them down. He immediately reached over to try to pull my panties down, obviously thinking he was going to get to fuck me then, but I pushed him away and told him I would just take care of him that night. He seemed a little disappointed, but only a little, as I exposed his very hard cock and started rubbing him. I slid my hand up and down like my sister had told me to. I sort of alternated kissing him and looking down at his cock as my hand rubbed it. It wasn‚??t long before he started moaning and groaning and then suddenly thrust his hips up and as I slid my hand up his cock a spurt of semen shot up a few inches, then another and another. I got a tremendous rush knowing I had made him orgasm and seeing his semen dripping off my hand down onto his pubic hair. I leaned up and kissed him again as I milked the last drops out of him. Once he had come he didn‚??t seem very interested in doing more with me (though I was very aroused at that point), and quickly pulled up his underwear and pants (his underwear must have ended up pretty damp). He dropped me home and kissed me and said it had been a great evening.
When I went to bed I could still smell him on my hand, and thought about what my sister had said about ‚??finger fucking‚??. I moved my hands over my breasts, and my nipples immediately hardened and touching them felt really good. Then I reached down between my legs and rubbed my pussy ‚?? I was surprised how damp it felt down there ‚?? and I slipped a finger down into my pussy. Wow it was almost like a shock how good it felt and so I rubbed a little more, and more and soon it was like I exploded with pleasure. I was hooked, both on making him come and on making me come (I am sure I did me more often than him at least at first!). It was a couple of boyfriends later (but I jacked off all of them) before I actually made love, and it took a long time before I could come while having regular sex ‚?? masturbation was so much easier! I still love to watch a hard cock spurt while I am stroking it, and have even come just while getting my guy off. I still masturbate pretty often even though I love normal two person sex too. My current lover and I masturbate each other sometimes, and once in awhile just masturbate ourselves while we watch each other. Well, that‚??s the story of the start of my masturbation experiences.
I‚??ll write again with some more descriptions of some of the times I have masturbated myself, and my boyfriends too. --Susan



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