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Petite Can Be Sweet

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Really MFF it was a long time in coming, I did not expect it and did not pursue it, but it was/is the best.


I met Deb and Gale by accident, they are on the gymnastics team and room together. The afternoon I met them I was just finishing up my work out and was heading to work, I work most weekends parking at a local club. Sometimes I fill in as a bouncer too. The point is I'm a big guy 6'8' 250lbs. I used to play round ball until I screwed up my knee. I live in a student housing apartment because all the other apartments near campus are three times as much.

Gale and Deb had planned to meet a guy from the team who was going to spot their vaults. They recognized me from the apartments and knew of my B-ball background and asked me to spot for them. Apparently I was a natural. They quickly advanced to high risk vaults. I made sure they landed so they would not get hurt. They spotted for each other at the horse. We chatted and got to know each other. Since I work most party nights I never asked either of them out. To be honest I thought of them more as little sisters than potential girlfriends. Both of them together weighed less than me and they were just above my navel in stature.

At the end of the term there was a concert about 12 hours away. Tickets were sold out but because of my club connection I was able to land the chance to buy some VIP tickets. I asked a bunch of friends. It started out we were going to rent a van and stay at one of the other guys parents house along the way. When it came down to going, it was just Deb, Gale, and me, and no place to stay. At $159 a shot plus meals and gas I could see why folks had to bag off. We decided to split a double queen room. The plan was to drive there the day of the concert and drive back a couple hours where rooms were reasonable and stay the night.

The drive out was very nice the girls had packed lots of food we made good time and got there in time to do some sightseeing before the concert. The concert was great. We met the band, got autographed programs and T-shirts, CDs. It was a real rush being treated like VIPs.

I was wired on caffeine so as not to fall asleep while driving. I made sure Deb and Gale were wired as well, and keeping me awake with conversation. In order to keep it interesting we made it personal. Greatest fear, most embarrassing moment, the girls wanted to know about my history. How come I did not have a girl friend? Then it got real personal. First times, kissing, seeing, touching, which lead to masturbation. The girls were like endless questions on this. I was apparently the sounding board to explain the entire male population.

I was rock hard. They picked up on my adjustments which brought attention to my unit, which is no monster but it is well proportioned to my body. Apparently these girls had only dated gymnasts and though not necessarily short seem to lack in the girth department. Mine is 8' around and almost 8' long. Lots of my former team mates were nearly that big soft. I was flattered to be thought of as well hung.

By the time we got to the hotel I was bushed, it had been a long day, but was still wired. We got to the hotel around 1am. The prepaid room we bought online turned out not to be available. They had a King suite for $50 more. The manager thought from the looks of things he had me on the hook. I made it clear to him that that was not acceptable and we ultimately got the king with a cot, with no surcharge. The girls were impressed with my negotiations. It's hard to say no to a well spoken guy my size. The cot was a joke it was definately intended for kids. It was over a foot too short and the mattress would not support my weight. The metal frame which went into the mattress was impossible to sleep on. The girls took pity on me and allowed me on the bed.

We were all still pretty wired we started talking about what we did when we could not get to sleep. Gale remarked a warm shower helps me. I told her to go for it. After Gale was in the bathroom Deb got close and whispered my ear that she usually masturbates every night to help her sleep. I admitted I often stroke one out thinking of some of the hot ladies at the club. Deb told me Gale doesn't take long in the shower. You better hurry and then began to strum her bean next to me. After about three minutes I could not take it any more. I started stroking over my shorts.

Deb kept whispering words of encouragement, go for it, get it out, you will never get there in time doing it that way. Come on I'd love to see it. I was just about to get it out when the shower stopped and Gale came back into the room wrapped in a towel. Deb and I stopped, but I was raring to go. This was a cheap hotel towel not much bigger than a hand towel. It barely reached her crotch and only just covered her nipples. As she came into the cool room her nipples popped. I asked if she felt better, she said she felt more relaxed, but horny as hell. She then glanced over at the bed saw my hard on in my loose shorts and she said, I looks like I'm not the only one. She looked at Deb and asked, can I tell him. With a shrug Deb says we usually jill off before bed every night, we were talking about if we thought we could do it with you in the room but did not want to spoil our friendship, or have you think we were Lesbos or something. There are enough rumours about gymnasts.

I suggested we all do it together the girls both lit up started wrestling with me. It wasn't much of a fight. Clothes were dispensed and the room fell quiet. The girls were sitting speechless staring at my cock like they had never seen one before. I could never get that in me. Can I touch it? What a question. She poked it and tried to make it lay over. I told her give it a squeeze, it wont bite. She gave it a little squeeze. I can't believe how hard it is. She tried to bend in down, something it does not do. I could use that sucker as a diving board. Deb piped up, let me. She squeezed it and remarked I can't even get my hand around it. She tried two hands. Squeeze it I said she squeezed it with all her might. Doesn't that hurt? Not a bit. Then I squeezed it and made the head turn purple.

As I started to stroke, some pre cum leaked and they used their finger tips to smear it around the top while I stroked the shaft. They brushed my hands away they both took two hands and tried to strangle the thing. They started stroking, I was in heaven. I wanted to repay the favor, I tried to reach their snatches but they were out of reach. Then Gale straddled my thigh just above my knee and started grinding away, she was soaked. Her hairless snatch was sliding around slicker than spit. Her tits were available, there wasn't much there but the nipples were fully erect and crinkled. I so wanted to suck them, but it was not to be.

Deb straddled the other leg, her pussy was not hairless but it too, was soaked. I had four tiny hands on my cock and had four nubile titties in my hands. I was getting close. I tensed and the girls quickened their pace on my thighs. I arched my back and lifted all three of us off the bed. I came hard. I covered my chest with cum. I slumped back to the bed but kept my legs tense so they would have some definition to add to their ride.

They had their hands on my chest massaging my pecks with cum as they continued their climb. Gale got to the peek first. She let out a little scream and a guttural moan that would have been unmistakable to the rooms around us. Deb was quick to follow with a quieted convulsive whimper. Not a word was said. They just kind of giggled back and forth as their breathing subsided. Then they collapsed on my chest, each with their head in the crook of my arm. They kissed and licked my cum slicked chest. That's the way we fell asleep, and that's the way we woke. One of the girls had pulled up the sheets but other than that we were welded in place.

Deb was actually drooling a little on my chest. Gale sniggered and Deb awoke with a smile on her face. She said I'm glad it was just us three, yesterday was a blast. We did some things that morning that I can't write about. Deb and I became an item after that. Gale was invited to join in from time to time, but she started dating a football player and that kind of put an end to our multi player fun. Gale blamed me for spoiling her taste for normal sized men. I must admit I had always envisioned hooking up with a statuesque model type and breeding star forwards and volley ball players. Deb is the greatest. It's true all they say about gymnasts their flexibility opens up whole new worlds of positions. It's kind of fun she weighs less the 90 pounds soaking wet. I wish I could tell you Deb's favorite position. Maybe you can guess.

I would have never asked Deb out because of her petite size, but she is a real fire ball. She always keeps things interesting.



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