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Persuading Raul

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Last year during Christmas Vacation I was returning from a trip to a little store in a little pueblo in Mexico and decided to go upstairs to my room to play video games while I waited for dinner to be ready. The doors in Mexico are not like the ones here, they're usually made of metal and make a lot of noise when they open, so when I swung the door open to enter the room it immediately alerted my cousin Raul I was coming and gave him just enough time to hide what he had been up too just seconds earlier.

When I walked in the room Raul pulled up his pants and just sat there shirtless staring at the flickering television screen. When I asked him what he was up too he simply replied 'Watching a movie.' Hmmm....I wonder what kind? Now let me describe my cousin for you: He is four years older than me. Although he is not immensely tall (I pass him in height) he still has fairly broad shoulders and chest. He does have a pretty good build, instead of a six pack he has a belly that bulges slightly but yet remains firm, contrary to his pecs which are very defined. His skin is a deep tan like me and his hair is jet black, like me as well.

He started giving me this goofy smile and I decided to brush it off with a 'Whatever.' and left the room. Later that night I was watching television and just as I was about to get settled, Raul barged in completely rattling the metal door, obviously he was angry. He flung his leather jacket onto the floor to reveal a very tight blue t-shirt and pounced onto his bed. I waited a few minutes before finally asking him 'What happened?' He then began to tell me this story about how he was expecting sex from his girlfriend and that she totally blew him off.

As he blew out his steam I played the role the understanding therapist. 'But the worst part is...' he said 'that she has me all worked up 'down there' and now I'm just left like this.' This caught me a little off guard mostly because I was surprised he would confide in me, a fourteen-year-old, with something so personal. I made an uneasy face and finally said 'You know, it doesn't have to be that way, you could just take care of things yourself, like you were doing this afternoon.' He then gave me this angry look and pounced onto my nearby bed as I cracked up, rolling and everything.

He grabbed me wrestling style and warned/begged me not to tell anyone because if his dad found out he was done for. (People were still very traditional in this pueblo) I was able to break loose and after a minor pillow fight I finally responded, 'I won't tell anyone, only if you let me watch you 'peck your rooster.'' (That's Mexican lingo for 'jacking off') He gave yet another look this one of great surprise and remained speechless. 'Come on let's see what you can do, besides you said that you needed to get some relief after your girlfriend left you high and dry.' He just kept looking at me in disbelief, got off the bed, and started to head towards the door.

I thought he was going to leave but instead he made a detour to our little wardrobe and swiftly removed his shirt to reveal that weirdly formed body I was describing earlier to drop it in.

'I like jacking without a shirt to catch the semen easier.' he said as he came back to the bed. He once again pounced onto his bed unzipped his pants to reveal one of the biggest bulges I have ever seen, in fact the only other bulge I had ever seen other than my own. At least six inches, tan like the rest of his body, and somewhat veiny.

Once it had risen to his preference he took off using the fist technique. Throughout the whole twenty minutes that he jacked his eyes remained closed probably to imagine his girlfriend. Every now and then he grunted and moaned slightly as I stared in awe and then finally when I least expected it his dick throbbed one last time to release a long stream of pure white Mexican semen onto his belly. His face was that of pure satisfaction and I knew that he was now glad that he had decided to relieve himself.

After I thought that he had had enough afterglow time I let out a fractured 'Wow.' with him replying 'Yeah, no big deal. Hey, since I showed you how I do it, it's only fair you show me how you do it sometime.' I agreed and later on I did show him how I did it, but that's another story.



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