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Personal Masturbation History Iii

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The first section covered the period of my history from the time I had my first remembered erection at age 6 to my first dry orgasm at age 9. The second section continued my history from age 9 to my first ejaculation at about age 12. This section starts with the beginnings of my mutual masturbation relationship with a friend.

Personal Masturbation History
Personal Masturbation History II


The second section of my masturbation history ended with the beginning of my mutual masturbation relationship with a friend who I shall call Alan. He volunteered to provide his home as a place where we could get together each day after school to jack off without being interrupted by others because he was alone each school day until six o'clock when his mother came home. I was soon to learn that he was satisfying interests in addition to a desire to jack off with a friend. This revelation began when he asked after the completion of our first mutual session how it was that my peter was hard before my clothes were removed, and I had not touched it. I told him that I recalled the spanked behind of my cousin which caused my fist hard; the appearence of my peter when I had my first orgasm, and its appearence when I had my first ejaculation. These mental images, I said, always resulted in a raging hard. After our first session Alan gave me a key to the house so I could get in without his having to come to the door. This allowed him to take his clothes off, get in bed nude, and lube up before I arrived, so when I got to his bed room, I only had to strip, lie down beside him, and lube up. Then we began our first jacking of the day. We both began with the usual fist grip with him lying on his back and me on my left side facing him so both of us could enjoy the view of our adolescent peters being beaten, and going through the the changes involved in a typical jacking session. This fired our balls to the greatest excess, and produced buckets of come when we exploded in shattering orgasms. After the first go, we rested for about 10 minutes, and began discussing those events which got us most excited. Both of us agreed that near the top of our lists was the sight of the other's peter when it just began to fire after having been jacked for a long time and had a red shaft, and bulging purple head dripping with pre-come. Both of our peters immediately came to attention after these last remarks, and I started to jack my peter. Alan asked me to stop, and let him jack me while I jacked him. I agreed, and thereafter all our sessions began with each of us jacking his peter, and afterward each of us jacking the other. We went along like this for two months of jacking when Alan proposed that when I got close to comming, I should tell him; he would stop, and gaze at my jacking away with me lying on my back with my feet on the bed, knees bent and spread apart so he could see all my reactions including the perineum, anus and balls as well as my ejaculation. I thought it odd, but agreed. After my come, he reciprocated with me the observer and he the jacker. Afterward we did our second jacking as had become with each of us jacking the other, and I cleaned up and left. We continued like this for another 2 months, and I began to feel that Alan was holding something back which he wanted to do, but feared my reaction.
The next monday I found out what had been agitating him when I arrived for our session, and striped. He was lying in bed nude as usual with he peter hard and lubed. When my clothes came off, he saw the red marks and bruises on my behind and legs from a beating my mother gave me the day before. (I was 13, but still being spanked.)When he saw this , he asked what had happened. I told him I had been beaten by my mother with an 18 inch long, 4 inch wide strap. He wanted a full description of the beating which I gave him, noticing his heightening excitement as the details unfolded. When I finished, he asked me to give him the same beating before we did our first jacking. I couldn't understand why anyone would voluntarily ask for a beating, but he kept on begging me to beat him, and I finally agreed. I'll continue his in a third posting.



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