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Personal Masturbation History

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Reading the tales of others continues to evoke recollections of my own past experiences.


I guess I should begin at the beginning. The first erection I recall happened during a visit by my aunt and her daughter to my mother who was my aunt's younger sister. My cousin was a 10 year old girl. I was 6. For some reason I no longer remember, my cousin (I'll call her Jane)did something to anger her mother who was having a conversation with my mother. My aunt excused herself, turned the chair she was sitting in away from the table, picked up Jane, pulled her shorts and underwear off, and began spanking her bare behind. I watched avidly, and as the spanking progressed, felt a delightful sensation in my groin. The sensation grew in intensity as Jane's behind turned red, and my penis felt like it was going to pop. Jane's spanking must have lasted at least 10 minutes and covered the area from her upper cheeks to just above her knees. When it was over, her mother stood her up, telling her if she repeated her offense again, she would get the strap. I was rewarded with a view of Jane's nudity from the waist down including her little hairless vulva and her blushing behind. As soon as I could, I went into the bathroom to discover what condition my pecker was in. To my surprise, it was hard as a rock and bigger than it had ever been. I began to fondle and rub it, and noticed that this increased the pleasant sensation. I had no idea that any of this was related to sex, or for that matter, that there was such a thing as sex. But after this delight, every time I bathed or sat on the toilet, I stroked my pecker to enjoy the sight of its hardening and the good feeling.
Jane and her siblings had a play house in their back yard and a tree house both of these being separated from their house by some distance. About a month after her spanking, I was spending the day at my aunt's because my mother and her sister were attending some social event, and Jane and I were in the play house playing some game when I began to tease her about her spanking. She angrily retorted that I couldn't have taken such a spanking without much more howling than she did. This produced the usual childish boasting as to who was toughest, and finally Jane said, 'Alright, you're so brave, let's play house, I'll be the mother and I'll spank your behind just like aunt Millie does, and let's see how much you can take.' After a lot of arguing, I agreed as long as I got to spank her after my spanking. As Jane directed, I removed my pants and briefs, draped myself over her lap, and she gave me a hard spanking with a ping pong paddle. After it was over, I stood up and my little 3 inch hard was there for Jane to see. She was amazed; asked why it looked so; did this always happen when I was spanked; and other such questions; all the while squeezing and stroking my pecker. I tried to explain as best I could, but reminded her that it was now my turn to spank her. After a lot more talk, I finally got my revenge, and this became a weekly event when our parents were away at their bridge game.
From 6 to 9, I got along with penis play during baths and trips to the toilet without of course knowing the significance of these games. Jack, a 14 year old, Jane's older brother, was destined to fill in the blanks. One saturday, Jack and I were swimming in their family pool when he suddenly disappeared. Wondering where he went, I got out of the pool, and went into the changing room looking for him. I had to pee; I opened the door to a powder room, and there sat Jack on the toilet with his penis in his fist jacking like mad with a thick white fluid squirting out of the head of his penis. When he saw me, he said to come in, close and lock the door, and he would explain what I had seen. First he said that I could not tell anyone what I had seen or about what he would show me. Then he said to wrap my hand around my pecker, and move it up and down like he had done. If I did this long enough, he said I would have an orgasm which was the most pleasurable thing I'd ever experience. I would not shoot what he called come, as I had seen him do, until I was 12 or 13. This was so because I had to go through what he called puberty when I would grow hair just above my penis as he had. By this time, he'd got hard again, and we stroked our peckers together. After about 10 minutes of this he shot off again, but nothing had happened to me although jacking my pecker felt really good. He told me to keep going, and finally began to jack my pecker. After about another 10 minutes, I began to feel as if I had to pee, but the sensation was pleasanter. Suddenly, my body stiffened, my pecker quivered, and I felt for the first time the delightful spasms which thereafter so gladened my life. My little 3 inch hard pecker was dark red, and looked like a little red fish gasping for breath. Its appearence after my first orgasm became and remains one of my favorite sexual fantasies. I soon understood that I could not live without this, so I repeated the act as often as possible, settling down to doing it 4 or 5 times a week, and continuing like this until I reached 12 when I began to ejaculate. I'll continue this tale in future posts.



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