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Personal Lubrication

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When I was fourteen my friends and I would jack off in my backyard at night. One of my friends had a HUGE tube of jelly lube that he found in his mother's bathroom. I didn't know what it was until he told me to try it and I was hooked. It made jacking off ten times more fun. Now that we've matured and stopped doing that I haven't used this type of lube in over four years. Until last night...

We were at the store late at night getting snow scrapers for the coming snow. I had been considering getting some jelly lube but didn't have the guts to go in and face the possibility of running into someone I know with the bottle in my hand. I put that aside last night and bought some anyway. It wasn't embarrassing at all, I used the self check out lane so I didn't even have to deal with an employee. (So don't be ashamed to buy lubes and toys, I'm ashamed of myself for feeling embarrassed before).

I got it home and I couldn't wait to get into the bathroom to use it. I got in, stripped, turned the water on to drown out the sound, and lubed up. I put a gob in my hand, too much really, but I wanted to feel the full effect since it's been so long. I got my cock shiny with the lube and my balls too. The texture and smooth gliding action almost made me cum right then. I stroked with both hands by moving my right hand up and down in a fist grip and my index, middle, and thumb gripping my shaft with the left. I did it this way for as long as I could and then I hit the point of no return and held it for as long as I could while I stroked as fast as I could. I blew a huge load all over my lower stomach and pubes. It was amazing I can't believe I'd gone this long without it.

I still had lube left and I didn't want to waste it. So I laid and relaxed for a few minutes and stood in the shower facing away from the falling water so it wouldn't wash off the amazing lube. I started jacking again and I could only manage a semi-erection. I backed off a little longer and started again.

I imagined I was making love to the woman of my dreams. (I haven't met her yet.)

She's 5'8', blonde, nice C cup boobies, and has trimmed pubes that barely leave a cute little blonde landing strip. I imagined I had her pinned against the wall with my penis and I was holding her up by her ass with my arms. I imagined I was watching both of us, sort of a third person view. I had flexed muscles to hold her up and my ass was clenching with every lunge into her that I made. Her hair was wet and trickles of water were beading off her luscious breasts and beautiful tummy. As she get's closer to orgasm she moans and grabs around my neck to hold on. I keep raising as hard as I can and it hits her. As she orgasms she opens her beautiful blue eyes and looks deep into mine and her look of sweet innocence sends me over the edge and I orgasm too.

As I thought of this fantasy I came again but only a little spurt of cum this time which had me panting. I washed up and went to bed. I slept like a baby. Thanks for reading my story



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