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Permanent Erection

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Back around 1989, I was in my late twenties, and I was working as a paralegal, processing legal documents. I worked in a large room on a high-security floor. We worked in groups of four, in a square, with each of us having a p.c. on an open-legged stand. In other words, we were all exposed to each other. I worked with two very attractive women my age, and one older, though attractive woman. I have a seven-inch penis, six inches around, and it had a mind of its own! I frequently would develop an erection, which would catch the attention of my co-workers, who would tease me about it, and after ten or fifteen minutes it would go away.

One morning, one of the girls made some kind of joke that had some sexual reference, and on cue, all of the women looked at me and I sprouted an erection in the space of seven or eight seconds. The problem was, this erection was iron-hard, pulsing, and did not go down. It stayed up, and forty-five minutes later, I had a wet spot from pre-cum, and all the women were sneaking glances at my lap every few moments, and giving me looks like 'please, get rid of that, this is too long' After an hour, I picked up my morning newspaper to hold in front of me, and walked out the door and down the hall to the men's room. I went into the last stall, dropped my pants, and started stroking my painfully hard erection.

As turned-on and hard as I was, I was actually too hard to come. I stroked until I felt the beginning of my orgasm, and I stroked so frantically that I choked off the orgasm, and was left panting, with a throbbing penis that was so hard that I had a painful knot behind my balls. I stood up, turned to the wall, and laying my arm across the wall in front of me, leaned my head onto my arm, and hunching forward, fucking into my fist, not caring if anyone walked in and knew what I was doing. After half an hour, I was desperate. I gave up any attempt at hiding, and left the stall to stand at a sink and jerk off while leaning on the sink and arching my back, hoping that the chance of being caught would add enough stimulus that I could finally come. Well it finally worked, and after about ten minutes at the sink, I came, furiously, my body completely arched and vibrating as if I was having a seizure, sending seven or eight ropes of semen arcing high onto the mirror over the sink. (To compound my embarrassment, I forgot to clean my come off the mirror.) After this, I rested for ten minutes as my aching cock slowly deflated, and tried to dry the spot on my pants. I went back to my station, to raised eyebrows.

Around three that afternoon, one of the girls made a joking reference to my morning hard-on, and of course, I promptly sprouted another iron-hard erection. Around four o'clock, the girl to my right just picked up my newspaper and handed it too me. Without a word, I took it and went off to masturbate. My crotch was sore for a week, and I became infamous in the room of fifty or so people for seeming to be permanently erect. Dismayingly, I didn't get any interest in seeing my naked erection, just in seeing the tent in my slacks. I gave up on trying to control my cock, and after finding a little-used single-seat bathroom in a corner of the floor, I routinely masturbated two or three times a day for the year or so I worked there. I also gave up on trying to hide my erection with a newspaper, and resorted to the expedient, if painful method of tucking my erection up under my belt before getting up from my station to go to the bathroom. This resulted in a lesser, though still embarrassing protrusion in my pants. I found that in general, If I acted like nothing was unusual, then others acted the same way. At least until when the project ended, and the women in my group wouldn't sign my reference sheet.



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