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Perky Surprise

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When I was 18, I had been living at my apartment for a few months and had about three different roommates come and go when Richard asked me if Amber, his current girlfriend, could stay. He said it would be for a few months and that she wouldn't be a pain.

Amber was 16 and was kind of, well...a bit peppy. The moment I answered the door, she jumped in and threw her arms around saying, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.' She was a natural redhead and had a tight little body. Her perky b-cups were accentuated by a tight little ass that stuck out just a little bit.

After about a week of staying and listening to her talk non-stop, it became apparent that my buddy had lied to me and they weren't involved. He was doing a favor for her so he could eventually hook up with her. She also made it clear that this wouldn't happen. I said she could hang out till the end of summer, but after that to find a place on her own.

One evening I had got off of work, came home to have beer and watch some tube. I was relaxing on the couch, when I heard the bathroom door open and Amber was humming as she walked out completely naked from a shower and came into the living room.

A smile crossed her face when she saw me and she plopped down on the couch with a huge grin. 'How was work?' she asked.

'Good,' I said a bit hesitantly and nervous. I had seen her in her underwear and with a towel wrapped around her, but never just naked. I hoped that my rising hard-on wouldn't get her attention.

'I had a great day, but it sure was a long one. I need to relax,' she said coyly as she looked over at me. She was leaning against the opposite side of the couch with her knees pulled up against her. 'Do you mind me like this?'

'Like what?'

She grinned and stretched her legs out to my lap. 'Like naked, you goof.'

'It's fine, I don't mind,' I mumbled as I felt her foot rest on my hard eight and a half inch dick. She moved it up and down a bit, with that cute grin.

'I think you like what you see,' she said with a sexy breathy voice. Her hand moved down to her mound and she spread her legs a bit, giving me a full on view of her tight pussy. She let out a soft moan as she moved a couple fingers up and down her slit.

I looked nervously at her and said, 'I can g-' before she cut me off and said, 'I wanna see yours. Take it out Tony.' I was a bit shocked and really turned on. I unzipped and pulled down my boxers and pants, my cock springing to attention for her.

'I've never really seen one before. It's so....big,' she moaned as she slipped two fingers in her soaked pussy and moved them in and out. 'Jerk it off for me.'

I started rubbing it up and down while I watched her finger her tight snatch. Her soft red patch just above her slit glistened with dampness from her shower and now her soaked kitty. My cock was throbbing with excitement as I watched her go to town.

'This is so amazing,' she mewed and then suddenly slipped off the couch to her knees in a quick move while never taking her hands out of her pussy. She moved face down and stuck her tight ass in the air, sliding her fingers in and out of that pussy. 'Tony?'

I was jerking my cock off, ready to explode and answered, 'Hmmm?'

'This is going to sound silly...but I need to know.'

'What's that Amber?'

A brief pause and then meekly, 'What's a g-spot?'

'You don't know?' I asked surprised.

She moaned out a no and moved her soaked fingers out of her kitty, 'Show me.' I knelt down behind her and slipped two fingers in her hot and wet box, moving them to her spot and massaging it gently. A silent gasp escaped her lips as I worked it over for her and she started bucking her pussy onto my fingers.

'Fuck, Tony, I'm going t-' and she moaned deeply. Her tight ass as directly in front of me as I worked her pussy over, so I took some of her hot wetness and started circling her asshole with my finger before slipping it in.

A brief deep 'ah' was all that escaped her mouth as I felt her hand clasp around my wrist and pull my fingers out of her pussy. She exploded, soaking me with her hot juice and cum all over the front of me and on my cock. I slipped my finger out of tight asshole and leaned back against the couch.

She moaned low a few times and then crawled around to face me and saw my soaked, throbbing cock. She wrapped her small hand around it and covered her hand in some of her own wetness from it. Bringing her soaked fingers to her lips, she sucked it dry and coyly looked at me.

'Let me help you clean that up,' she said.

The rest of her stay we fooled around pretty regularly, I might share some more of our stories with you later.



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