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Performing on Stage

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Amateur Night in Front of an Audience


A couple of years ago, I had to travel frequently to San Francisco. I saw ads. for a theater with live sex shows and decided to check it out. I come from a small town, so what I saw amazed me.

When I first sat down, the theater was playing a porn film and most of the audience seemed to be older men. I watched for a while and then went to the ticket booth and asked if there was going to be a live show. The guy said it would be in about ten minutes and then looked me over and asked if I wanted to be in the 'amateur contest' later that evening. I said no thanks and went back to my seat.

In a few minutes the movie stopped and the stage lights were turned on. Music began to play. I noticed that the theater was getting fuller, and that it included both men and women, some together as couples, but mostly singles. Then the first performer came out on stage. It was a hispanic guy about 20 or 21-years-old, slim and wearing a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt. He danced around the stage a little and then bent over and pulled his gym shorts down. He had a thong on that he snapped as he twirled around. He then took off his shirt and you could see that he was really young, his chest and belly had no hair. You could also see that his penis was bulging in the pouch of his thong. He rubbed the outside of it once or twice and then slipped it off. When he was totally naked, he shook his hips back and forth, which made his penis swing from side to side. As he did that, it started to get harder. He walked to the front of the stage and as he achieved his full erection, the spot light focused on it and he touched himself. Then he abruptly turned and walked off the stage.

There was scattered applause and then the movie came back on. I decided see if I could get a pass to come back to another show later, so I went to the ticket booth again. The guy said he'd give me a pass, but only if I would be in the contest. He said he didn't have many guys with my looks and needed more people. I told him I was married and couldn't do such a thing in public. He said it was totally anonymous and if I liked to watch other guys, I'd probably enjoy doing it. Finally, he gave me the pass and said to come back in about an hour.

I went back to my hotel room and decided I'd give it a shot. What the hell. So, I took a shower and shaved. I trimmed my pubic hair a little and rubbed some lotion on my arms, chest and buttocks. I looked at myself in the mirror and realised that I looked better than the guy I had watched earlier.

When I got back to the theater, the ticket guy said to walk backstage and somebody would show me the dressing room. I went in and there were three other guys there, the same hispanic guy, a muscular black guy and a skinny blonde guy. I said hello and asked if they were all going to be in the contest. They said yes and that they did it every week. The only difference from a regular show is that you can go into the audience and let them touch you, and if you ejaculate they love it.

I got really nervous, but also kind of excited when I heard this. I knew I would love it once I got started, because I have always been an exhibitionist.

It turned out that I was the last one to go out. I can't tell you what the other guys were like, because I had to wait backstage. But I did hear the audience clapping a lot and each of the guys said he came.

Then it was my turn. I walked out to center stage and turned my back to the audience as the spotlight focused on me. I could see my shadow in a big circle of light against the white backdrop. My long legs and wide shoulders looked good in silhouette. I was wearing a pair of running shorts, a polo shirt and sneakers. I had a jockstrap on underneath my shorts. When the music started, I turned around and looked out into the audience. I moved a little to the music and tried to see who was out there. It seemed pretty full, about 50 people. There were steps into the audience on both sides of the stage, and two aisles. I walked into one aisle and immediately people started to rub my legs and tried to take off my shorts. I felt myself start to get aroused and, as the spotlight focused on my legs and crotch, I lifted the front flap and exposed my swollen jockstrap pouch. A woman of about 45, sitting on the aisle, reached over and stroked it, making it swell even more, and a small ripple of applause went through the audience. Somebody shouted 'take it off!' and I pulled off my shirt and shorts, standing in the aisle in only my jock and sneakers. The head of my penis was at the top of the pouch and my balls were drawn tight and filled the bottom.

The woman near me reached around and caressed my buttocks as she took out a small bottle of baby oil, and spread it over my ass, moving her finger quickly to the opening in the back where she could reach into my crack and under my balls. She drenched me in oil and tried to put her finger inside me. The audience was straining to see, so I stood on the armrests of two seats, spread my legs and bent over for the spotlight to focus on her work. She pulled the pouch of my jock aside and freed my penis, which was rampant by now, and dripping pre-cum. As she jerked me, a man sitting in front of her reached under my crotch and tickled my balls and my swollen prostate.

After a couple of minutes, I jumped down and took off my jockstrap altogether. I went back up on stage and walked to the edge, facing the audience with my hard-on and stroking it to the beat of the music. When I felt myself close to coming, I stopped and let my penis twitch and throb. I was sweating and panting for breath, and the crowd loved it. Applause erupted and someone said, 'let it blow!'

That made me hornier than ever, so I went down into the other aisle and again stood on the armrests. The same woman who had been on the other aisle moved over and reached out for me. I went over to her as the spotlight followed and she started to kiss my thighs and squeeze my balls. Meanwhile, I started stroking my penis again and covered my fingers in the pre-cum juices that were flowing. The woman pulled my fingers down to her mouth and licked them. Then she put my hand back on my shaft and gently massaged my balls as she whispered she wanted to see me make myself come.

I stroked two or three more times and then turned to let my penis catch the full glare of the spotlight and the expectant eyes of the audience as it spurted repeatedly into the air, without anyone touching it except the woman's fingers curled around my scrotum. As it shot out my semen, she squeezed my balls slightly, adding to my pleasure and ensuring that every drop was extracted. I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes as I came, heaving for breath and only looking down to see the last spurt hit the floor. The woman wrapped her fingers around the head of my penis and drained it. I trembled and slightly lost my balance. As I was helped down, hands were all over me and I was propelled toward the back of the audience where others got a chance to touch me and feel my penis. When the music stopped, I ran back to the stage and waved as the applause faded.

The 'contest' was in name only. There was no prize, but I felt like I won anyway. It was fun!



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